Social media influencer, fitness enthusiast, Michigan State alumni, and model, Emily Tanner is a successful 25-year-old entrepreneur.

She is passionate about travel, fashion, homemade food, animals, and family. Emily Tanner’s workouts have inspired others across America, and they want to know more about her. To say Emily loves animals may be an understatement when you see how she absolutely adores a sweet, energetic bundle of curls, Mr. Coop. Seriously, Coop’s IG albums are overflowing with preciousness.

Her dream job is to start a rescue and save animals. In the meantime, she is an advocate and donates to help rescue animals. She aspires to “Inspire not ‘influence,’ give back more, make an impact, and, most importantly, start something I enjoy and not make money from.”

Ms. Tanner’s success as a social media influencer is no doubt linked to her commitment to health and love of the outdoors that she shares with almost a half-million Instagram followers. Amongst her successful promotions includes swimwear brands like Private Party, Frankie’s Bikinis, and Ola Feroz. She also promotes Rebel360 specializing in nutrition, fitness, and recovery, the official partner of Celsius Energy Drink, and affiliations with Table Rock Management (TRM) relationship management.

Her promotions are featured in a variety of locations from her hometown near Detroit, Michigan, to some of her favorite travel spots like Bahamas, Cabo, Indonesia, and New York City. If that is not enough to keep her busy, Emily is the Marketing and Creative Creator for NoSweat. NoSweat is a disposable self-stick liner that absorbs sweat inside hard hats, helmets, baseball caps and is excellent for a variety of sports because it is hypoallergenic and thin.

When this self-proclaimed introvert is asked about her fitness routine, she admits that keeping it simple is best, but she keeps in mind that abs are partially made in the kitchen. With this said, mindful and healthy eating healthy is just as important as the workout.

For some people, the gym is nearly impossible to get to, so she offers practical advice. Emily’s Instagram site provides helpful tips and techniques for plank leg lifts to crunches, and adding weights will promote results. All you need is a variety of hand weights, a yoga mat, and an exercise ball. Emily’s fitness goals are realistic and relatable. They include a good balanced daily diet and exercise routine because “Looking good” is only half of the battle. She reminds us that we must also consider what we put into our bodies also impacts our mental health.

Check out Emily Tanner’s Instagram page to learn more about her fitness journey, various product promotions, fashion ideas, and life philosophy. Ms. Tanner sums it up best with a quote from Oprah on her Blog site, “The biggest adventure you can ever take is living the life of your dreams.”