Matthew and Maria Collonna-Emanuel had lived in their home for years. Over the years they held the belief that an old metal box that was rusty and located in their backyard was just that, some old rusty box that maybe once held cable or electrical connections, but they never thought enough about it to actually explore what it was. For years, the couple never ventured all the way out to the metal box that was surrounded by thick brush. That was until one summer when the wildlife ate some of the brush that surrounded the metal box and they got a better view of the box. After seeing the box from a different vantage point, the couple decided that it was time to really figure out just what this rusty old metal box was.

Matthew and Maria decided to dig up the old box to get a better look at it. Once they got the box free from the brush and the dirt that had built up over time, they were amazed at what they found when they opened the box. It was actually an old safe and not an empty one. When the couple opened the safe inside they found multiple hundred dollar bills, jewelry, diamonds and even an engagement ring. They also found something else inside that puzzled the couple even more and that was a small piece of paper that had an address written on it that was actually the address of one of their neighbors. When they went to the neighbor and asked questions, Matthew and Maria found out that the neighbor was actually robbed in 2011 and that the only thing that was taken during the robbery was the safe that they had in their home. The safe and its contents were valued at $52,000 at the time that it was stolen. When the neighbor had made the report to the police, they local police officers basically told them that the case was a lost cause and that the safe would most likely never be seen again.

Yet, it was. Amazingly, more than 8 years after that robbery it which the safe was taken was when the pieces of the puzzle finally slid together. That rusty old metal box that Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel had look out at over the years, was the safe filled with valuables that was stolen in 2011. Matthew and Maria were shocked that they had solved the mystery for their neighbor and the neighbor was astonished as to house close the safe had been to their home this entire time. The neighbor was kind of also confused as to why Maria and Matthew were so honest. The couple were questioned as to why they just didnít keep what they found in the safe. They surprised everyone when they said that they had never thought twice about doing the right thing and trying to find the rightful owner of the safe and its belongings. The couple firmly believed that their reward would be good karma for the act of kindness that they bestowed on their neighbor.