As time goes on, we forget what things were called and we quit using some of the old fashioned words and even the items. Here are 13 of my favorite items. Do you miss any of these?

1. Dungarees. Dungarees were the term that was used for pants, jeans or overalls. The word dates all the way back to the 1600s.

2. Petal pushers. Petal pushers are similar to what we now call capris. The pants were cuffed at the ankle so that when a woman rode a bicycle, her pants would not get tangled in the bike change. These were introduced in the 1940s.

3. Picture show. A picture show was just a term that meant you were going to go to the movies. This term was introduced in the early 1900s and some people still use this term today.

4. Nylons. This was originally the term for pantyhose and came from the fact that they were made out of nylon material. This word came into play around 1940.

5. Jalopy. This is a term that is used to describe an old automobile that has issues during the 1920s. You will see many of the older television shows describing jalopies.

6. Parlor. This term is typically used to describe a hair or nail salon, but in the 1100s, it was a name for the living room in your home.

7. Galoshes. Galoshes are rain boots and they were worn over the shoes that you would normally wear. This term originated in the 1300s.

8. Britches. This was a term for pants that were not jeans. This term goes back to 1880. You will hear some of the older generation still using this term today.

9. Ice box. Ice box is a term for boxes that were used like refrigerators dating back to the 1830s. Even after refrigerators became more mainstream, people still referred to them as ice boxes.

10. Safety razor. The safety razor was just a razor that had guards to prevent you from nicking or cutting your skin while you shave. These were invented in 1875 and are still around today.

11. Snow broth. Snow broth describes the look of snow when it melts. This term was used back in the 1500s.

12. Lumming. When there was heavy rainfall, people back in the 1900s said that it was lumming.

13. Davenport. If you were around in the 1850s and had a large sofa, it was known as the Davenport.

Have you heard of some of these words? Perhaps your grandmother or great grandmother used these terms. These terms bring back nostalgia for many different people. It is neat to see the old fashioned slang words of yesteryear.