A gripping situation has unfolded in Ohio as Bradley Gillespie, a convicted killer, has managed to escape from prison, leaving residents on high alert. Bradley Gillespie, 50, was captured on surveillance footage at the Allen/Oakwood Correctional Institution (AOCI) in Lima around 8:41 a.m. on Monday, and since then, his whereabouts remain unknown.

With a dark past that includes a grisly double murder in 2016, Gillespie was serving consecutive 15-year-to-life sentences for the heinous crimes. The alarming discovery of his absence during a prisoner count on Tuesday has triggered concerns and prompted authorities to issue urgent warnings to the public. It is essential for residents to take extra precautions by ensuring their doors are securely locked.

Notably, Bradley Gillespie was not the only prisoner to go missing from Allen/Oakwood. James Lee, a 47-year-old inmate, who was serving time for burglary and safecracking charges, has also evaded capture. Both men are considered dangerous, and it is crucial that they are not approached under any circumstances. To encourage assistance from the public, a substantial reward of $21,000 has been offered for any information leading to their capture.

In a recent development, James Lee has been apprehended in Henderson, Kentucky, bringing some relief to the authorities. However, Bradley Gillespie, the convicted killer, remains at large, prompting intensified efforts by local law enforcement to track him down. It is advised that residents remain vigilant, keep their doors locked, and promptly report any suspicious activity to the authorities by calling 911.

Hannah Fischer, 21, and her boyfriend Frank Tracy Jr., 47, were the victims of Bradley Gillespie’s brutal actions back in September 2016, according to reports from the Bryan Times. At the end of a brief trial, loved ones of the victims expressed relief, believing that justice had been served for Hannah and Frank.

As the search for Bradley Gillespie continues, the community remains on high alert, demonstrating solidarity and cooperation in the face of this unsettling situation. The diligent efforts of law enforcement, coupled with the support and awareness of residents, will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of the community.