Latest reports have revealed a troubling trend in major Hollywood films, with box office numbers plummeting in comparison to previous years. While mainstream media outlets scramble to find excuses, one undeniable truth remains – the American audience is growing weary of the woke propaganda saturating today’s entertainment landscape.

As of May 3, Box Office Mojo disclosed that the year-to-date domestic box office earnings barely crossed the $2 billion mark. This marks a staggering 22% decline from the same period in the previous year, where earnings exceeded $2.6 billion. To make matters worse, this represents a massive 41% drop from the robust figures seen in 2019, before the pandemic disrupted our lives.

In a compelling opinion piece penned by Sally Reed on Publination, the discontent among moviegoers is succinctly laid bare. Reed emphasizes how the proliferation of the woke agenda in recent releases has alienated a large portion of the audience, leading to a financial drain on Hollywood.

“With every new film pushing the woke narrative, Hollywood continues to bleed money. In 2023, the industry fell short of projected earnings by half a billion dollars – a stark reminder that the public is growing increasingly fatigued with this one-sided messaging,” Reed expressed.

She astutely points out the concerning disconnect between Hollywood and its target demographic, highlighting the industry’s failure to produce content that resonates with a broader audience. Instead, the current trend seems to condemn and ostracize those who do not conform to its narrow worldview.

While some try to attribute Hollywood’s financial woes to external factors like the surge in streaming services or labor strikes, conservatives argue that the prominent role of woke messaging cannot be underestimated.

Renowned writer for Breitbart News, John Nolte, bluntly states, “Despite the elaborate excuses, the truth remains unshakable – people are losing their affection for movies. Following years of woke indoctrination, the general consensus is that movies have plummeted in quality and substance.”

Reed concludes her piece with a call for introspection within the entertainment industry. She urges studios and creatives to pivot away from the alienating woke content towards more inclusive and diverse narratives, reiterating that woke media is a dying breed that fails to resonate with the hearts and minds of ordinary Americans.

As the industry faces this critical juncture, it becomes imperative for Hollywood to heed the warnings of its audience and course-correct before irreparable damage is done.