In a deeply disturbing incident, Mindy Tyler from Michigan took to Facebook to launch a scathing attack against a six-year-old cheerleader with Down syndrome, casting unwarranted judgment on the young girl’s abilities. The incident gained widespread attention and prompted outrage as Tyler’s comments went viral, drawing swift backlash from parents of children with special needs. Recognizing the gravity of her actions, Tyler eventually deleted the comment.

The situation took an unexpected turn when a TikTok user,, shed light on Mindy Tyler’s personal life. She shared a photo of Kinsley Brink, the brave six-year-old cheerleader with Down syndrome, emphasizing that she was simply a young child participating in activities like any other child. Additionally, the TikTok user revealed a photo of a woman in her early 30s, referring to her as “dragon’s a–.”

Tyler’s Facebook post displayed a severe lack of understanding and empathy as she wrongly assumed that a cheerleader with Down syndrome couldn’t meet the requirements of the role. She highlighted aspects such as speaking, performing movements, remembering and comprehending cheers, and following directions. Tyler concluded her tirade by belittling the significance of a cheerleader’s attire, disregarding the essence of what makes someone a cheerleader.

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In an unforeseen twist, it was revealed that Mindy Tyler had been dismissed as a volunteer cheerleading coach at another school following the controversial Facebook post. The revelation was compounded by the revelation that Tyler is, in fact, dating Kinsley’s father.

As the controversy escalated, Tyler’s follow-up comment further fueled the fire. She insinuated that some parents push their children into sports they are incapable of, such as cheerleading, without considering the potential negative impact on the team and coaches. Tyler argued against the inclusion of children with special needs in sports teams and urged parents to provide alternative avenues of support.

In response, TikTok users rallied around Kinsley and children with special needs, showcasing videos of kids with Down syndrome actively participating in sports and demonstrating their incredible capabilities and passion. The TikTok community expressed overwhelming support, applauding Kinsley’s abilities and encouraging her to pursue her passions wholeheartedly.

The backlash against Mindy Tyler continued to reverberate on TikTok, with users condemning her actions and suggesting that she was clinging to her high school days. The prevailing sentiment was one of unwavering support for Kinsley and all children with special needs, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and celebrating their achievements.

This distressing incident involving Mindy Tyler’s derogatory comments about a six-year-old cheerleader with Down syndrome has ignited a wave of outrage across the online community. The rallying cry for acceptance and support for children with special needs grows louder as more individuals join the cause, standing firmly beside Kinsley and advocating for inclusivity and understanding.