It is with deep sadness that we share the news of Chas Newby’s passing at the age of 81. Chas, a talented bassist, contributed greatly to The Beatles during their early days, playing a vital role in the band’s journey to success in the 1960s. At that time, the group’s original bassist, Stuart Sutcliffe, was pursuing his art career, allowing Chas to step in and make his mark.

While the exact cause of Chas Newby’s passing remains unknown, we mourn the loss of a remarkable musician. The Cavern Club Liverpool, a renowned music venue where The Beatles once graced the stage before reaching worldwide stardom, shared this heartbreaking news.

Chas Newby’s musical journey began as a member of John Lennon’s first band, The Quarrymen, which laid the foundation for his involvement with The Beatles. His contributions to the band were cherished and significant.

“It’s with great sadness to hear about the passing of Chas Newby,” the venue wrote on Facebook. “Chas stepped in for The Beatles for a few dates when Stuart Sutcliffe stayed in Hamburg and latterly he played for The Quarrymen.”

“Interestingly, he was also the first left-handed bass guitarist in The Beatles. RIP Chas Newby thoughts and well wishes from everybody at The Cavern Club,” the post ended.

Since the news emerged, heartfelt tributes have flooded in to honor Chas Newby’s memory. Among those paying their respects is Roag Best, the brother of former Beatles drummer Pete Best, who swiftly took to Facebook to share his heartfelt condolences.

“Both Pete and I and the whole Best family absolutely devastated to hear the very sad news with regards to one of the families closest friends Chas Newby passing last night,” he wrote.

“Many of you will know him for playing bass guitar for both The Beatles and The Quarrymen, but to us he was laid back Chas with the big smile. We’ll truly miss him. Forever in our thoughts. God bless you Chas x.”

Mark Lewishon, a Beatles historian renowned for his expertise, fondly described Newby as a charming individual.

“RIP Chas Newby, fill-in Beatle and fair chap,” he tweeted. “He deputized for Stuart on a few dates when the Beatles returned from Hamburg the first time, end-1960, including the momentous Litherland date.”

“Latterly he’s been one of the Quarry Men too. A charming man, always a pleasure to meet,” he continued.

Despite frontman Lennon’s strong inclination for Newby to accompany them on the tour in Germany following his invaluable contributions in the early 1960s, Newby respectfully declined the offer, opting instead to pursue a university degree. In a heartfelt conversation with the Sunday Mercury back in 2012, Newby openly shared his unwavering contentment with the path he chose, emphasizing that he never harbored any regrets about prioritizing his education over a continued musical journey.

“Music was never going to be a living for me. I wanted to do chemistry,” he said at the time. “John, Paul [McCartney] and George [Harrison], they just wanted to be musicians.”

“People sometimes don’t believe me when I say I’ve no regrets. But I really haven’t.”