The debate over what the American flag stands for has often branched out in different areas, with the Supreme Court has ruled in 1989 that burning it in protest or other symbolic action was legal. In September 2014, a new resident at the Apartment 63 complex in San Diego reignited a debate about the right to display the flag where an individual lives.

Brad Smith was a sophomore at San Diego State University (SDSU) at the time of the incident and had moved into his apartment the previous month. One of his first actions being to hang his American flag on his balcony, but approximately one month later, he received a notice from the managers of the complex stating that he would have to remove his flag. Smith protested the directive, stating that some of his relatives and friends had fought to defend the flag.

According to Smith. the managers indicated that their decision was based on political reasons since foreign exchange students at SDSU could be offended. He also indicated that he wasn’t told at the time of his lease signing that such a rule existed. In response, one manager indicated that anyone displaying any flag or banner will receive a similar notice.

One check of the lease indicated that “no signs or other personal property” would be allowed outside the apartment, with the complex’s management reserving the right to determine what was acceptable and permitted. Eventually, the complex managers reversed their position and allowed Smith to fly the flag.

Here’s what some people had to say about it:

“heres my rant . we dont want to offend the foreign exchange students .hmm they chose to come here for college .do the not know where they are . mayny go to europe to study do we tell them to remove theres . this is going nuts american must be ashamed of there history an try an want to remove it but keep what they want”

Other readers said:

“If they are offended show them the border. They are a guest here”

“Our colors take precedence over any “foreign people” and there sensibilities.
Many Americans died so that we would have the right to fly our flag anytime anywhere.
We won the wars , but we are losing our nation.

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