In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, acclaimed American actor Chris Pratt opened up about the profound impact of his faith in Jesus Christ on his ability to handle negativity and criticism throughout his career. Known for his iconic roles in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” franchises, as well as his memorable performance in the television show “Parks and Recreation,” Pratt has not been immune to scrutiny in recent years. However, his unwavering religious beliefs have played a pivotal role in maintaining his positive outlook.

During the interview, Pratt candidly shared the transformative influence of Christianity on both his professional and personal life. Having grown up in a non-religious household, the actor lacked a strong spiritual foundation. Nevertheless, he credits a life-altering encounter with a man in Hawaii, who invited him to church at the age of 19, as the turning point that ignited his faith and nurtured his relationship with Jesus.

Pratt expressed how his faith has consistently provided him with strength and guidance, particularly during challenging moments when faced with negativity or animosity. He revealed, “I center myself on my faith and the profound relationship I have with Jesus Christ, casting aside any concerns about the rest.”

Furthermore, Pratt emphasized how his faith has helped him stay grounded in an entertainment industry often fraught with cynicism and temptation. He stressed the importance of recognizing one’s intrinsic worth and refusing to allow external factors to define one’s value. With conviction, Pratt asserted, “Being accepted by everyone is not essential. I don’t seek validation from those who don’t embrace me because my worth stems from my relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Despite the potential backlash within a predominantly secular industry, Pratt has fearlessly shared his faith in public, leveraging his platform to express his beliefs, even incorporating them into speeches during significant events. A notable example includes his acceptance speech at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, where he underscored the significance of faith and encouraged his fans to foster a connection with God.

Pratt’s openness about his religious convictions has evoked a range of reactions from the public. While some commend his unapologetic approach to his faith, others criticize him for perceived proselytizing. Nevertheless, the actor remains steadfast in his beliefs, undeterred by criticism, and resolute in his convictions.

Throughout the interview, Pratt also touched on the importance of maintaining a robust support system comprising family and friends who help him stay grounded and focused. He emphasized the significance of surrounding oneself with positive influences and individuals who inspire personal growth and upliftment.

Chris Pratt attributes his ability to navigate the challenges and negativity that accompany his high-profile acting career to his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. He firmly believes that his relationship with Jesus furnishes him with the strength and guidance necessary to remain grounded and focused in an industry often overshadowed by pessimism and allure. While Pratt’s transparency about his faith may elicit mixed responses from the public, he continues to rely on his faith and support system to guide him through difficult times.