An attractive lady in a one-piece swimming suit was photographed at a family waterpark by an enraged TikTok user. The user of the Chinese-created social media app noticed an attractive woman wearing a one-piece bathing suit at a family waterpark and began recording video footage of her speaking to a man that users of the Chinese-developed social media app believe was either her husband or boyfriend with their phone device.

Kim Stram was livid after she recorded a video of a young woman wearing a revealing bathing suit at a waterpark geared towards families. She asked people on the Chinese website and app whether or not she made the right assumption that the scantily-clad swimmer was in the wrong. Surprisingly, many people stuck up for the unidentified woman and said that because she was enjoying herself in a public place, her outfit choice shouldn’t matter.

In her now-viral TikTok video, Stram captioned: “Is this appropriate for a water park, or NOT?” She confirmed that the woman wearing the revealing bathing suit shouldn’t because it was not “appropriate (because) there are kids all around her.” Nevertheless, she said that the controversial one-piece “looks great” on the woman.

Stram’s video has gained more than four million views due to people being curious about the woman in the alluring bathing suit. There were mixed opinions in the comments section, but most of those who watched came to her defense. They argued that she wasn’t doing anything wrong by wearing a swimsuit similar to everyone else’s–she just looked good in it and was getting attention because of her physical appearance.

“Lol, cmon kids just want to swim. They don’t care what you are wearing,” one person said. “All they care about is being able to stay at the water park and not go home.”

“Yep. She’s old enough, and it’s her choice,” another said. “Why would kids care? Let her be her. Just worry about yourself.”

“I work at a water park. This is normal,” another added.

Stram’s opinion was that the woman should not have worn a bathing suit that showed so much skin because there were children present. Many others agreed with Stram.

“I think it’s inappropriate for kids to see,” one person stated. “I would not want my daughter seeing another woman in a thong like that. Just my opinion.”

“I think it’s inappropriate because there are kids all around her,” another added.

The bottom line is that it is up to the woman wearing the one-piece bathing suit to determine what she feels comfortable in and how she wishes to present herself to the rest of the world. More power to her if she’s proud of her body – she should rock that swimsuit with pride. If she believes she has too much skin exposed because she isn’t comfortable with how much skin is showing, then that’s her prerogative as well. There is no correct or incorrect response; it entirely depends on the lady in a one-piece swimming costume.

In your opinion, is it acceptable to wear a skin-bearing bathing suit to a waterpark full of families?