Robert De Niro, the legendary actor and filmmaker, made a glamorous appearance on the red carpet of his latest film premiere, About My Father, at the SVA Theater in New York. This was his first public appearance since announcing the birth of his seventh child, and it was no surprise that all eyes were on him. He looked sharp and dapper, as always, wearing a navy blazer over a striped shirt, black slacks, and matching black shoes.

Fans of the Oscar-winning actor were delighted to hear that he had expanded his family once again, this time with his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen. While some may have been taken aback by the news, De Niro was quick to clarify that the pregnancy was planned. Speaking to Page Six at the premiere, he humorously quipped, “How could you not plan that kind of thing?”

The 79-year-old actor also shared his feelings about becoming a father again, saying, “I’m okay with it. I’m good with it.” This was not his first rodeo, as he had raised six children with his previous wives, but he admitted that being a parent never gets easier. When asked if becoming a parent ever gets easier, the Taxi Driver star responded, “Never gets easier.”

De Niro’s co-stars Sebastian Maniscalco and Kim Cattrall were thrilled for him and his growing family. Sebastian, who also stars in the film, expressed his surprise at the news, telling Extra on the red carpet, “I was informed today that he had the baby. I didn’t know leading up to this that he was going to have a baby, but yeah, God bless him.” Meanwhile, Kim sang Tiffany’s praises, saying, “God bless him and his significant other. Tiffany is such a beautiful woman. She came to the set once with her family and watched filming, and she was gorgeous and sweet. I’m happy for both of them.”

It’s clear that De Niro is embracing fatherhood once again, and fans couldn’t be happier for him. While he was busy promoting his new film, Tiffany was spotted out and about earlier in the day, enjoying a shopping trip. The couple has been together for several years and seem to be going strong, and it’s heartwarming to see them expanding their family together.