Cher, a Hollywood Elite, is famous for her lack of restraint when it comes to critiquing other people’s opinions. As a Leftist, she’s been at loggerheads with former president Trump since he labeled Mexicans as “rapists” and demanded that the US build a wall to keep immigrants out. Cher also expressed herself on Twitter, making it clear that she was not only mad at Trump, but also his children, who formed part of his administration. Trump’s favorite children, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump were trying to fabricate voting machines in China, according to the disputed tweet sent on May 8, 2019. The tweet further accused the first family of treason, with Cher claiming that dictatorship was coming while referring to Americans as ‘delusional’. Cher then directed her followers to a Bustle article that went into greater detail on Ivanka’s dealings with Chinese officials. Given her work as a White House advisor, the article discusses how her trademark could create a conflict of interest. The story on Bustle highlighted some of the contents of the trademark, which included clothes, handbags, shoes, and jewelry, along with some strange items like sausage casings, nursing homes, and voting devices that could be utilized in China.

The close ties Ivanka’s brands have with foreign nations have caused her problems in the past, which has made her cautious in recent years. The brand president, Abigail Klem, even released a press statement back in 2017, clarifying the actions taken by Ivanka’s brand to protect their trademarks against copyright infringement in areas where it is common. Not only was Ivanka’s brand working hard to gain influence in other countries, but it was also alleged that she intended to dissolve her corporations to cash in on trademarks. Former President George W. Bush’s chief White House ethics lawyer, Richard Painter, speaking to the Washington Post in the summer of 2018, said that Ivanka’s decision to dissolve her company while still acquiring trademarks in foreign countries was a move to secure the market for her products while the foreign nations were in good standing with President Trump.

Earlier on, before Cher expressed her opinion on Ivanka Trump’s dealings with the Chinese, she had also posted a tweet aimed at Trump himself claiming that while Democrats were busy focusing on politics, President Trump was sowing discord and butchering his enemies. She later proceeded to refer to Trump as an ignorant thug and a brainless lizard that puts his own welfare ahead of others. She also told democrats to lose hope of Trump ever having an epiphany, and they would be lucky if he did get one, since he had the soul of death and a black heart. Cher has made no apologies for her comments about President Trump, and she isn’t afraid of being one of Trump’s most outspoken critics. At the VH1 Trailblazer Honors, she, on the other hand, praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that despite feeling enraged and uneasy when she sees Trump spreading his bigotry and constant lies, she feels calm when Nancy Pelosi comes on TV, saying she’s glad she(Nancy) is in the house.