Val Cortez is a Peruvian business woman who goes by Val around the globe. She was born in Lima, Peru, but I grew up in Buenos Aires and studied occupational health and safety.

She started working when she was 25, and after several years of hard work and dedication, she eventually built her own lash business in her living room. She had a lot of clients and became quite well-known in the lash industry in Buenos Aires; one year after starting her business, she participated in and won first place at the first Latin-American lash convention in Buenos Aires. Her company was doing well.

She has been traveling for years, and it is one of her hobbies. She enjoys learning about new customs, languages, and people after two years of saving money for her first trip to Europe in 2017. Her national football team selection after 30 years out of the World Cup this year was a must-see event.

After she qualified, she changed all of her plans and purchased a ticket to the venue the next day, which was the finest vacation of her life and undoubtedly what prompted her to change careers. When she returned, she was melancholy and unhappy with how ordinary life had become, so travelling became important again.

She missed seeing new places, people, and customs, so she found this live-viewing worldwide portal where she could interact with other individuals and discuss her interests such as traveling with people who shared her enthusiasm. She started going live on a daily basis in order to have fun and really enjoy conversing with her visitors; she’s always been a social person.

She became really popular on the site over time, and she was the most popular and profitable for many weeks, at which point she discovered that she had potential to create a livelihood that would allow her to live my dream life while traveling and doing what she loves.

After a few months, she decided to take a chance and close her business to travel the world and grow her social media following. She had 12k followers when she left home in 2019; now she has 960k and is continuing to expand her following.

Why Did She Change Her Career To Social Media?

She has always aspired to be self-employed and work for herself, and she has always wanted to be independent… Her goal was to become self-sufficient, and she desired to work for herself since she was a child. She got into social media because it piqued her interest, and at first she didn’t think of it as a job or a business. But with time, she realized that she could make money out of it, and in fact more money than I would have dreamed possible

Where Does She Get Her Motivation?

“When you love what you do it is easy” she says, “I love connecting with my audience I love going live and taking to them about my project, trips and my life in general sharing with them and seeing the support of my audience motivated me to keep growing.”