The expectation of each guardian after they send their children to school is that they will be in a conducive environment to enable them to find their purpose. Unfortunately, four white educators in California have been fired concerning racism discrimination. The teacher posed for a photo in a bubbly mood and posed with a noose that they thought would be entertaining. One of the teachers featured in the picture was the school principal was participate in the display of racism. The school principal shared the image with the noose her colleagues via an email to more educators. The idea was leaked and posted on Instagram, which stirred a different view from the bitter parents, calling the educators to be sacked and sued. The principal was reprimanded and sent on leave.

The parent’s cry was answered as the school district acted on the claims represented once they evaluated the offensive image and identified the teachers featured in it. The parents continued to protest until the teachers we sent on administrative leave. The noose image was sensational since the picture of the teachers leaked. Principal Linda Brandt was exposed for her ill intention on racism. It was such a low moment for Summerwind Elementary School in Palamade facing allegations together with its teachers of entertaining racism exhibition. The school photo featuring the principal and her fellow colleges holding the noose smiling was not the only evidence to support the racism allegation. There was also another picture that displayed the noose dangling around on school grounds. In defense, the school associates claimed that the noose might have represented a “back to school necklace.”Their explanation is attached to their inside joke on how teachers want to hang themselves by the thought of coming back to their work and teach another grade of students.

After the noose image went viral, it painted Summerwind Elementary a negative image as a breeding ground for racist motivations and discrimination. Shaka Phillips, the school’s former teacher, and administrator supported the school district to put the teachers on leave together at the principal. According to her, the integrity of the school was put into question considering the black community a noose symbolized a weapon and a symbol of captivity and execution. Phillips might be correct since the noose is not an innocent symbol. Going back in time, the noose has been a topic that has brought much hate and violence directed to a specific race of individuals, particularly to the United States African Americans. As Philipps, niece is part of Summerwind. She has now been left questioning every black student’s education in this class. The niece can no longer come in terms of how his trusted teacher would pose a picture with a noose, a torture device. As the picture went, viral more people came forward to argue to support the racial discrimination claims. The picture only featured teachers who were of white origin, lacking people of color. This proves racial discrimination per the leaked image.