A group of workers did their job by listening carefully while trying to find a dog that someone thought was trapped under the ground.

Most people thought that the do owner was a bit crazy to think that the animal was trapped, but the workers started going under the ground anyway just to see if the dog was there.

When the workers walked across the parking lot in the direction where the owner thought the dog was located, they heard something odd.

They thought that they heard something like barking. That’s when they started digging up the parking lot.

They carefully removed pieces of concrete to get to the area where they heard the noise.

There was a pipe under the ground, which is where the workers started hearing the noise get louder.

The workers cut a hole in the pipe so that they could get inside. When the man got inside the pipe, he saw something that he didn’t think could possible happen.

The missing dog was trapped inside. He was rescued just in time as he was shaking from the cold. The dog was stuck inside the pipe for four days. The owner was reunited with her friend at the scene.