Johnny Cash gave a taped performance at the Carter Family Ranch in July 2003. The video shows a very frail Cash being helped into a chair and given his guitar.

He played a few of his best songs such as “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Walk the Line” and “Ring of Fire”. He also performed a few gospel songs that almost predict his soon to come death in September 2003.

Cash looks frail and old in the video, but he plays well although his voice falters.

He introduces the band members with admiration and thanks them as he always did, still the professional.A little later in the video he discusses his relationship with his recently passed wife, June Carter and the influence of her love and family on his life and music.

He performs a song she wrote that he hadn’t performed onstage in 25 years, “Understand Your Man” that was the last song he ended up singing in public. He said it was frequently requested although he hadn’t performed it so long.

It was written as a love song to his late wife. June Carter had passed away months before he passed away.This last video of Johnny Cash’s final performance is heart tugging and sad.

Fans of the Man in Black are saddened by his loss and will always remember him lovingly.