Being a teacher can sometimes be a thankless job, but not always. Many teachers from across the country do their best to mold and shape their students into being the best they can possibly be.

From kindergarten to high school, educators are often known for dedicating their lives to ensure they leave a positive impact on their subjects, although it’s difficult for a number of students to realize that until many years later. The job itself can be arduous task, yet there are outlying circumstances that can make life even more difficult for dedicated instructors.

Such is the case with Sue Campbell, who works as a teacher’s-aide at Spessard Holland Elementary in Bartow, Florida. Because of the fact that her car broke down and became too expensive to repair, Ms. Campbell had no other choice but to walk six miles each way in order to get to work and back, totaling four hours of travel time.

And then finally, Tammy Cress, the vice principal of the school, heard about Campbell’s situation and said to her: “I don’t want you walking anymore.” When the word got out, another teacher who lived near Campbell began giving her rides to school.

As it turned out, this act of kindness led to something even better!

Vice Principal Cress decided to enter Ms. Campbell in a free car giveaway sponsored by the local dealership, Regal Lakeland.

The dealership then notified Ms. Campbell that she’d won the giveaway! She became the proud owner of a 2011 Chevy Aveo and plenty of prepaid gas cards from her colleagues and friends.

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