According to numerous reports, Sir Rod Stewart and his spouse Penny Lancaster have discreetly exchanged their wedding vows for the second time while on tour in Australia.

Last month, a 79-year-old British singer and his wife of 52 visited Australia for a series of shows. According to Woman’s Day magazine, the two were able to take some much-needed time away from their public lives and reconnect with each other in marriage.

Recently, the couple took a trip to Sydney where they rekindled their marriage with their sons Alastair (17) and Aiden (12), along with niece Raphaella (18).

It has been 16 years since the couple pledged their love and loyalty to each other in marriage. To commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary, they joyfully reaffirmed those sacred vows of matrimony back in 2017 – a testament to how much deeper their relationship had become over time.

To ensure his kids could attend the ceremony, Rod Stewart allegedly “spaced out” his tour dates. The Maggie May singer is reportedly making sure that he can be present for this special occasion with them.

A family confidant divulged: ‘There’s a very good reason why Rod’s insisted he space out his tour dates – it’s the perfect place and the perfect time to renew their wedding vows.’

According to an insider, the duo had been planning a second marriage ceremony for years yet were required to delay it until this year.

They continued: ‘Now they can’t wait and are using this chance to do something special while here.’

Last week, the couple was observed sailing across Sydney Harbour which sparked rumors of a possible vow renewal.

To commemorate their union, they later savored a meal with Australian television personality Richard Wilkins.

The friend continued: ‘Penny and Rod love being in love’.

‘They think there’s something fun about celebrating their vows in different locations around the world, so why not do it all again in Sydney!’

The couple’s first vow renewal was a private affair held in the 18th-century mansion they share in Essex, surrounded by 100 of their closest family and friends.

Hello! disclosed that the couple recited the same vows they spoke during their initial nuptials beneath a beech tree in the backyard.

Both were dressed in pristine white for the special occasion, with Penny escorted down the aisle by her delightful pet cavapoo Bubbles. Afterwards, they were joined by friends and family inside a beautiful marquee for an evening of feasting and dancing.

When the magazine asked about their desire to renew their vows, the model shared that after ten blissful years of marriage, it made the ceremony even more meaningful.

She stated: ‘Being able to reflect on those ten years, and say those words to one another and still know we mean them is important. This felt more special.

‘You get married with the hope that you’ll be together; when we renewed our vows, we said them not with just hope, but with a reassurance. Along with hope, there is also faith, love and bringing all the family together.’

Back in 1999, Penny and Rod crossed paths when she offered to take snapshots of him while on tour. She had previously shifted her focus from modeling to photography a few years before their fateful encounter.

The couple celebrated their nuptials in 2007 with a romantic ceremony in beautiful Portofino, Italy. Afterwards, they whisked away to enjoy a luxurious honeymoon aboard an extravagant yacht moored at the picturesque port.

Together, the couple proudly parents their two sons – Alastair, born two years prior to their nuptials, and Aidan.

Rod joyfully declared to the magazine that his love for his wife is more profound than ever, a result of their celebratory vow renewal ten years after saying “I do”.

He said effusively: ‘Penny is my whole world. Love means many things to many people but to me it’s wanting to share everything with the one you love and I love Penny now more than ever, if that is at all possible.

Twice before settling down with Penny, Sir Rod had been married – first to the American actress Alana Hamilton from 1979-1984 and then the model Rachel Hunter from 1990-2006.

Rod lovingly embraced his firstborn, Sarah, with Susannah Boffey. Meanwhile, he has two children—Kimberly and Sean—with his former spouse Alana Stewart.

While in a relationship with his former partner Kelly Emberg, he had a daughter named Ruby. After marrying ex-wife Rachel Hunter, they welcomed two more hooligans to their family: Renee and Liam.

Despite their now-affectionate connection, Penny once gave Rod an ultimatum about the status of their relationship when they first began dating.

She stated: ‘He was still playing games when I met him he didn’t think he had settled down. I didn’t want to be a girlfriend I wanted to be “the” girlfriend.

‘I said from the beginning – please don’t do that to me. I understand if you want to go about with other girls, but I don’t want to play games.

‘I remember finding a photo of him with another woman and I said, I warned you, goodbye and I walked.’

Acknowledging the importance of setting boundaries, she further confessed that it was a necessity for their relationship to be successful: ‘He panicked and said I didn’t know whether to take you seriously.

‘The fact that I spoke up for myself meant he respected me and we ended up being a perfect match.’