Parents face a daunting task in today’s America, where they must take every measure to ensure their children’s safety from predators and pedophiles. In addition, parents are expected to provide healthy meals and regular exercise for their growing little ones. On top of all this is the threat of global warming and climate change – an alarming reality that puts our planet at risk due to human-caused destruction. Protecting our future generations has never been more essential than it is now.

A young couple took a step forward to boast about their blissful lives without having any children. Their freedom allows them not just twelve vacations annually, but also lazier weekends with more time to relax and reconnect as they have uninterrupted sex four times each week!

Taylor Vasu, 28, and her husband Justin, 27 – both natives of Orange County California – have made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in having children anytime soon. They claim that parenthood would make their lives “miserable” and so they intend to remain free from the overwhelming responsibility.

The two are labeled as DINKS, a term that stands for dual income with no kids. As a result of their lucrative jobs, they have gathered financial stability and the freedom to lead an extravagant life that other parents could only imagine living.

For the last six years, this couple has been exploring the world together while continuing to enjoy their passionate connection on a regular basis. With only one week’s notice required for time off from work, they are able to embark upon remarkable journeys at an affordable rate – experiencing new places and cultures that would otherwise remain unseen.

The couple finds it sensible to wait until they are financially prepared before welcoming little ones into the world, as taking care of children can be an expensive endeavor. They want to ensure that their future offspring will have all the opportunities and comforts available in life.

Furthermore, Taylor is hesitant to take this step since having kids might impair her and Justin’s relationship. She has witnessed others who are unhappy due to the lack of freedom in their lives as parents; something she does not want for herself or Justin – which would prevent them from living out their dreams.

Taylor said: “Most people say when you have kids – your life will be over. It makes us not want to have any. People sometimes guilt trip me by saying my maternal clock is ticking. I tell them – ‘You’re just mad at the consequences of your own actions. I don’t want to be miserable like you. We can do whatever we want, whenever we want, and I don’t want to give that up.”

Back in 2017, the couple first crossed paths while attending college. Five years later they tied the knot on a beautiful beachside ceremony in Hawaii and now have their sights set on an ambitious journey of exploration together – with no plans to start a family anytime soon.