While on an airplane, Wendi Williams was ready to unwind. She reclined her seat after being permitted to do so, and she set herself up for a calm, peaceful flight. Unfortunately, Wendi was in front of a guy who refused to give her the space she needed to recline her seat on the flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I was leaving a teacher’s conference, and we got onto the plane and the man behind me, as soon as we got in the air, I reclined, and he asked me if … I would put my seat back up while he ate, which I did,” she told Fox & Friends.

While the guy ate a meal, Williams was more than happy to accommodate him. When he finished his supper ten minutes later, Williams began reclining her airplane seat once again. That’s when things took a turn for the worse, and the male passenger became aggressive. Putting it mildly, difficult is an accurate description.

With fury, the man reacted to the reclined seat. It appears that he was so furious that Williams reclined her seat that he began pummeling it, battering it, and prodding it in an attempt to make it as unpleasant for her as possible. The guy succeeded in making her journey a misery.

After being pushed off the plane, Raquel Williams was out of options and so she decided to film the man’s reaction in order to get him to stop. Instead of scaring away the man with the camera, he continued his crazy behavior. Now there is video footage of an unnamed guy who has been distributed on the internet, where it has quickly gone viral across social media. Users commiserated with Williams since she could not relax during her flight home from school because of a teacher’s meeting.

COVID-19 rules didn’t exist at the time of the incident. People are still talking about Williams’ battle with the man in the seat behind her, however. You may watch the video and hear from Williams regarding the uninviting man seated behind her in this clip from Inside Edition.

The following information was provided by Inside Edition: “A woman whose airplane sat was turned into a punching bag mid-flight is speaking out. It happened on a flight from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina. Wendi Williams reclined her seat shortly after takeoff and moved it back to the upright position after the male passenger behind her asked her to do so while he ate. After he was done with his meal, she reclined her seat again. She said that’s when he started pounding her seat with his fists. Williams caught the whole encounter on camera.”

The man’s attitude shocked many people. The following are some of the more than 8,000 remarks posted by viewers of the Inside Edition video.

“Technically, it’s the stupid airlines’ fault for creating sardine cans in the sky. This is a never-ending story of madness.”

“Ok, people acting like they wouldn’t be annoyed if they were squished for like 4 hours on a plane.”