Over the weekend, I was chatting with my wife about seat belts. When people are sitting in the back seat, they may be hesitant to use their seatbelts. However, I prefer it when folks do so. My motivation? While I am a good driver, I am unable to safeguard passengers in my vehicle from others on the road who are texting or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Even though seat belts may not be entirely effective, they do save lives. Even if you’re in the back seat, buckle up to raise your chances of survival in an accident.

When it comes to other drivers on the road, we have no idea who we’re dealing with. And now law enforcement has come forward to deliver a chilling warning. It follows an incident in which a woman was in serious jeopardy in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Two men drove straight ahead of her and flashed their high beams at her, prompting all hell to break loose.

The woman was blinded by the high beams. And the men got out of their vehicle and began prying open her door. Fortunately, the potential victim was able to drive off and get away unscathed. She was, however, left frightened about what might have occurred if she had remained in her car.

Because the woman is still afraid for her life, she wanted to communicate her message but did not want her identity known. A friend spoke on behalf of the woman to NBC Charlotte.

“Someone turned on their high beams, and she looked up, and she can’t really see anything. She asked her identity to remain protected for her safety.”

The woman believes that the assailants are still looking for her.

“And then of a sudden, she heard two men on both sides of her car, the passenger and the driver side. As she was pulling away, they were still trying to get in her car. They were wearing hoodies, and they had the hoodie part down past their eyes. Thankfully she locked her doors. It was just too close to home, and I wanted people to be aware.”

Fortunately, the woman had her doors locked. If she had forgotten this basic safety measure, the men would have been in the vehicle and all over her and her belongings. She still does not know if they were there for her automobile, valuables, or even more vital things like bodily harm.

“Who knows what would’ve happened if they had gotten her car and she didn’t lock the doors?” the friend stated.

She didn’t report the assault to the cops. However, she informed her friends about it, and the Rock Hill Police Department was shocked to learn that this crime occurred right under their noses.

After the tale gained momentum, they launched an investigation.

The police department discovered that it was a genuine incident, and they put out the following notification to all Americans:

“Be careful in shopping areas not only at Christmas time but all year round. Her co-worker was the one who had this incident happen to her. I have spoken with the posting individual by phone, and we will get with Walmart and try to determine if we can identify the (assailant’s) car.”