Our dogs are our babies. Like a child, they wait expectantly for us to arrive home and are always a ball of joy. But for one dog Momma, Hayden Howard, her afternoon joy with her English Mastiff, Jackson sent her into a fit of tears, disgust and rage. On arriving home, she noticed Jackson wasn’t himself. He had patches over his body which Hayden immediately assumed were bug bites, but the horror of what they truly were was about to be realized. Jackson wasn’t his bubbly self, but Hayden chopped it up to the bug bites. After a while they went to snuggle, but the happiness was short lived. It was not until Saturday night that she realized the bites were not bites, but holes that were bleeding. Some cruel creature had unloaded a BB gun on her poor sweet Jackson. In horror, Hayden rushed him to the Vet where her suspicions were confirmed.

While at the Vet, Jackson, who was showing signs of trauma- had to be shaved and several BB pellets were removed from his poor abused body. 20 BB’s and & pellets were removed from Jackson’s body. His eyelids, ears and anywhere else you can think of had been hit by the gun of a cruel and unusual monster.Police advised Hayden that her pup was probably shot twice that amount of times due to marks but no perforation of bullets. Hayden was beside herself wondering who would do such a thing to her little baby. Jackson was kind and loving. This did not make any sense. Officers estimate that Jackson was shot more than 60 times. Whoever did this to Jackson targeted him and planned their attack, knowing Hayden’s movements and carried out the attack while she was away from the home. Jackson is a sweet dog and has never acted in anger or even growled. This is a senseless crime, and Hayden is at a loss to understand why anyone would want to hurt her baby. Unfortunately, there is a lot of senseless crime perpetrated, including cruelty to innocent animals and is often instigated by neighbors or random strangers with an affinity for hurting the ones who can not fight back.

Animal abuse is prevalent and many abusers go unpunished because animals can’t speak and the abusers commit their hateful acts when no one is home. From now on, Jackson is staying where he will be safe and Hayden hopes they find the perp soon. Until then, she and Jackson will return to normal as he recovers from this vicious and cruel attack. The police investigation remains ongoing and the police urge anyone with any knowledge of this vile and unprovoked attack to contact the authorities immediately.