Newborn babies are adorable, aren’t they? More so when they have been wrapped with blankets, as they sleep, since it is all they like to do. People have different ways of celebrating Christmas day. However, the Christmas tradition at hospitals differ. Children born during the Christmas holidays experience different welcoming sights. These are handmade stockings by the Bluebirds of the hospital. The Bluebirds is a volunteer group that does exciting things to both the staff and patients of the hospital. Their role is to keep the staff vibrant, and the patients happy all year.

This is at the Methodist Children’s Hospital. Parents have become fond of this tradition since it is during the Christmas holidays that stockings are made with a matching hat. To the parents, this is a life-long keepsake. This is the reason it is becoming a tradition for others. Other hospitals have adopted this tradition as a brilliant Christmas idea. Mount Auburn Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, has had this tradition for decades. They send babies home wrapped in Christmas stockings and a matching hat. Recently, Mount Auburn Hospital, held their 12th baby stocking event. The event is not only heartwarming but also tear dropping as the hospitals uniquely welcome the Christmas babies. The new parents are usually overjoyed.

The majority of them treasure the stockings that wrap their babies at the golden moment an keep them as souvenirs. Michael O’Connell, a staff member at Mount Auburn Hospital, notes that the tradition has become a norm that has been practiced for 12 years. He notes that the stockings are donations from well-wishers, and volunteers make the hats. It is a tradition that the parents live to tell the children. Some of the parents say that they still got their child’s stocking, and they fill it up every Christmas. The idea has stoked a lot of people, and more people are opening up on how they have been part of this memorable tradition. Panda readers have opened up on their experiences and memories as they take home the adorable newborns clad in Christmas stocking. A reader noted that when her youngest daughter was born on New Year’s Eve, she was draped in a red band and white stocking. However, the other holiday babies wore red stockings. Another reader remembered how her son was big and could not fit in the stocking. The staff had to put a Santa hat on him. Mother to Janie De Lare recollects how his son was born at the hospital. The son was born on Christmas Day, and the mother shares that they went home, 18 years ago, with the baby in stockings.

What an adorable way to welcome holiday babies? Although we are used to seeing most infants wrapped in hospital blankets, most hospitals opt for a more adorable way to receive a Christmas stocking during the holiday season. It is a special act. Parents feel acknowledged by staff who take their caring efforts to another level. The Christmas stocking blankets are a brilliant idea. Parents would love to keep a souvenir of the day they were blessed with the adorable bundles of joy.