A young mother recently discovered something that she’s understandably hesitant to attach her name to. But she has a rather unfortunate decision in this case. She knows her story could help people. But she has an understandable reason for not wanting to tell the world about who she is as a person. It’s the nature of motherhood in many respects. One wants to protect children at any cost. But at the same time there can be a shame when feeling that she has been negligent in doing so. But this young mother has shared her story. And it’s a cautionary tale for those in the midst of chilly weather. Those conditions bring with them some issues. For example, those who enjoy being active outdoors often see the sedentary winter life as a rough period. But at the same time many others find ways to deal with them.

Winter is a time to bring out comfortable hoodies or sweaters. To bundle up in blankets that would otherwise be far too warm. And to find out just why warm comforters get such a promising name. But for this young mother and many others the winter is also a time for the delight of scented candles. But this is where her and many others find unexpected danger. Most scented candles come with a warning in the form of a label on the bottom. Some might also put the warning on the side. But no matter the location it states one thing above all others. The candles will state not to burn them too long. In most cases the warning states that they’re not to be burned for more than three hours. But the young mother didn’t heed that warning. And the end result is that she’d eventually notice black dots forming under and in her baby’s nose. This shows some of the ironies of scented candles. As previously noted, people often love to use candles during the winter. The colder weather means that they don’t have to worry about building up too much heat. But the colder weather also means that the windows will be closed.

People usually think of scented candles as healthy and healing. And that may be true for the scent itself. But one needs to keep in mind that any burning object will build up soot and residue in the air. Human beings simply aren’t meant to continually breathe in burning carbon and associated similar residue. However, for an adult this is still a very small amount of mass in comparison to overall body weight. Likewise, the respiratory system of an adult is far more able to fight off environmental contamination. The end effect is something that the mother would learn. And that’s the fact that burning anything is far more dangerous to the most vulnerable among us. Thankfully her baby didn’t suffer any lasting damage. But this is almost certainly because she found out about the danger in time. It’s understandable that she wouldn’t be aware of the risk though. The warning labels are there, but they’re usually hidden on the bottom of a candle. It’s quite literally hidden from sight when most people are using the candles. In general one should simply avoid burning candles for more than three hours. But every candle comes with unique qualities. As such one should make a point of reading the warning labels on each and every candle before lighting them.