Having a fan makes anyone feel good. It doesn’t matter if you’re into sports or school; it feels amazing to be appreciated for working hard. One woman took an unorthodox approach in order to get attention from a group of people. Michelle Lesco is a speed eater whose goal was to consume more mayonnaise than any other person in three minutes and earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lesco, despite being short at only five feet four inches, can eat a lot of food. She’s able to eat a lot more food than you would think possible for someone with her small frame. Even though it doesn’t seem right or healthy, she continuously surprises her audiences by eating even more when they see her in person.

Even if you’re fond of mayo, Lesco’s speed-eating video might make you a bit uneasy. In only three minutes, she manages to devour 86.35 ounces of Mayo – that’s 3 and a half jars!

Speed eating is her forte, and she not only Won the mayo eating contest but holds a few other records too. For example, Lesco took less than twenty-two seconds to scarf down a hot dog without utensils. Time and time again, people attempt to break world records- but it’s harder than it looks. For example, the record for the fastest eating of a bowl of pasta is held by Josephine Cox, who managed to do so in less than twenty-seven seconds.

Lesco didn’t always competitively eat for a living. In fact, she only got started when she and her friends had a friendly eating competition. Although her friends abandoned the challenge early on, Lesco refused to give up and soon fell in love with the world of competitive speed-eating.

Lesco and her guy friends accepted the challenge to scarf down twelve burgers, each with cheese and tomato. Lesco’s male friends gave up before they even started, but she bravely devoured the food in record time.

After her friends backed out on the burger challenge, she went solo and won. Since then, she’s been addicted to competitive eating. After she ate the most mayo in three minutes, she now holds the Guinness Book of World Records record. She will forever be remembered for that challenge. Lesco’s speed-eating doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

If you love mayonnaise, then this video from the Guinness World Records YouTube channel is for you! Watch Lesco as she goes for gold in the mayo eating challenge.