Norm Self devoted his entire career to serving God. He was a priest for many years and provided religious guidance and support to the countless Christians who looked up to him. Even though he loved his work in the church, Norm Self decided to leave and pursue a different career path at the age of eighty-five. His newly chosen profession might seem surprising given his many years working in the church – a porn movie star.

Now that Norm’s “erotic energy has taken over,” he feels more alive than ever before – especially in contrast to the years he spent serving God as a priest. For years, Norm Self felt like he was stuck in a lifestyle that didn’t suit him. But now? He’s free to do what he loves: having sex with strangers… for money.

When Norm Self was eighteen, he joined the clergy in order to preach about his religious beliefs. He remained married to his wife for almost three decades. However, after twenty-seven years of marriage to a woman, Norm realized that he had not been true to himself. He soon realized that he was a gay man masquerading his true identity with Christianity and marriage. The truth is, he wanted to be around men all the time, which might explain his desire to make adult films at age eighty-five.

Throughout the past two years, Norm Self has had roles in four different porn productions. He doesn’t get paid to work with other men, but he enjoys having sex with other men so much that it’s worth more to him than any amount of money. His YouTube channel, wickydkewl, involves him describing his numerous sex acts with men- something he’s always aspired to do. He now identifies himself as a post-Christian leader, and refers to himself as “a sacred intimate, advanced Tantrica, and minister of erotic education.”

First and foremost, Norm Self wants his four porn videos to inspire people. He doesn’t just want them to enjoy watching him have sex with other men – he also hopes that his videos will encourage viewers to live the life they want and forget about the world’s problems. Even though he told others throughout his career that homosexuality was a sin, he now believes that it is a healthy way to live and one that should be done frequently.

“At 83 years old, I’m having the best sex of my life,” Norm stated.

The YouTube video below, from wickydkewl, stars Norm. They describe Norm as “the world’s oldest gay porn star – and also one of the sexiest!” at eighty-four years old. It’s difficult to tell how many more videos Norm Self will create for the gay community, but what is known is that he’s having a blast having sex with much younger men through filming.