A 56-year-old woman recently became pregnant with her son’s baby after her daughter-in-law was determined to be unable to carry a child.

Nancy Hauck from St. George, Utah became a surrogate for her son Jeff Hauck, 32 and his wife Cambria, 30 after her daughter-in-law had to have a hysterectomy – making it impossible for her to carry more children.

Though she knew her son and daughter-in-law loved being parents, she was hesitant to offer to be their surrogate because she didn’t think it would be possible at her age.

The embryo was transferred successfully and Nancy is now eagerly awaiting the baby’s arrival in November.

Nancy said: ‘I never imagined I would be pregnant at 56 or that this would be possible, but it is the most beautiful thing.

Nancy decided to be a surrogate for her son Jess and daughter-in-law Cambria because they had difficulty with fertility issues.

The couple went through 6 years of IVF treatment before having twins, Vera and Ayva. The twins are now 3 years old.

The couple then had another set of twins, Diseal and Luka. Unfortunately, the birth was traumatic which led to Cambria needing a hysterectomy. Consequently, she is unable to carry any more children.

However, the couple still had more frozen embryos in storage that they were hoping to implant.

Nancy stated: “They’ve had lots of struggles with infertility – but they had seven embryos to try with IVF and decided they wanted to use them all.”

“Cambria could no longer carry her own children. And I just had a feeling a few months after that I should offer to do it.”

“I told my son, and he teared up and was shocked – I hadn’t even told my husband at that point, but he was really supportive.”

Yet her family didn’t think it would be doable because of her age, even though she proposed it.

“I told my son and Cambria that I was willing but that I thought I would be old.”

“But to my surprise medics said I was healthy and could do it and here I am.”

“The pregnancy has been very similar to carrying my son, but I’ve been a bit more nauseous. I feel very powerful carrying my son’s daughter.”

Even though they had their doubts, the couple still decided to mention it to fertility doctors. Nancy had previously given birth to five healthy children with no complications, so maybe this was worth a shot.

“The doctor said I might be able to be a carrier and asked if I wanted to come in for an exam to see if I was viable,” Nancy stated.

“I was shocked it might actually be an option but still very willing to do it for my son.”

The test revealed that Nancy was a viable carrier, but they may need to act quickly before she went into menopause.

“I left the choice up to Jeff and Cambria,” Nancy added.

“They’d just had their twins, so it was very quick after to have another baby.”

“But they decided to go for it.”

Nancy began her hormone treatment in January of 2022. She injections herself daily with the help of her husband and Jeff’s father, Jason – an optometrist who is 59 years old.

The fertilized embryo was transplanted into her womb a month later.

They were all “over the moon” when it worked.

“It was a bit scary as it had been 26 years since I’d had a baby,” Nancy stated.

“I had a feeling just before the blood test that it had worked, and I did a test and it was positive.”

“They were over the moon when we found out for certain I was pregnant.”

Nancy said that the pregnancy has been similar to her other ones, except she has had a bit more sickness.

She also stated that while her other kids were frightened for her at first, they now accept the situation.

She continued: “This has all been a big leap of faith. It’s remarkable and a beautiful thing to do. I think this is quite a rare thing to do.”

“I never planned for it, but I am so glad I chose to carry my son’s baby.”

Cambria was able to go to every appointment with Nancy, and the family was overjoyed when they found out they were expecting a girl.

Cambria said: “It is so humbling that Nancy is doing this for us.”

“She is sacrificing so much for us, and our family and we just feel so grateful. It has been so miraculous and beautiful to watch Nancy carry our sweet baby girl.”

“She has been nothing short of amazing and filled with so much light and grace.”

“They say pregnancy comes with a glow, but Nancy’s is a full-on lighthouse.”

She also said that she talks to Nancy constantly, letting her in on both the scary and funny moments.

She also claims that it’s been wonderful to be able to assist her.

She stated: “I like to give gifts and Nancy is constantly in my thoughts, so when I see something that makes me think of her I get it.”

“I try to make her favorite meals, we beg to give her foot rubs, and just take any opportunity to show our love and gratitude for this miracle she is performing for us.”

“We cannot wait to meet our daughter.”

Nancy’s son Jeff said: “I felt grateful to have such a selfless and loving mom [who] was willing to make that kind of sacrifice for my family.”

“Having experienced over four years of infertility treatments, I knew how complicated the process can be and doubted that it was possible for her to carrier a baby for us – but I was very moved that she would even offer.”

“The entire journey has left me in awe. I’m in awe of my Mom – her kindness, love, strength, attitude, wisdom, and dedication through this experience has been humbling and beautiful to witness.”

Nancy’s granddaughter is due on November 5 and if everything goes according to plan, she will be born with Jason, Jeff and Cambria in the room.

Jeff said: “Being a dad has always been my dream, I adore each of my kids and take my role and responsibility as their dad very seriously.”

“The opportunity to be the dad to another beautiful baby girl is the greatest gift and blessing I could receive.”

“There is no repayment for something like that – all I can do is follow the example my parents have set and try to give that same level of love and devotion to my own family and to others.”