A woman from Ohio has received a two-year prison sentence for commanding her dogs to attack a group of small children, resulting in severe injuries to a 6-year-old girl.

On April 19, Cassie Thierauf, aged 38, agreed to plead guilty to child endangerment as part of a deal related to the August 25, 2022 attack in Lebanon, Ohio.

According to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell, Thierauf and someone else was said to have been doing drugs in the backyard when the girl’s mother started filming the situation, as per KBTX’s report.

While the 6-year-old, her sister, and their friends were playing in the area, an argument broke out between the neighbors. The neighbor then went inside to call the police.

“She called two dogs to attack four little girls who were out front,” in court, the father of the victim said. “My 6-year-old, mauled by two of them while she stood there on her front porch watching.”

The police provided a video in which Thierauf could be heard shouting at the mother: “Your kids shouldn’t have f— with me and my dogs!”

Thierauf maintained her denial of the allegations despite pleading guilty to child endangerment as part of her plea agreement.

“I would never use my dogs in a malicious or threatening type of way towards anybody. This all occurred because I didn’t shut my front door,” she said to the judge.

However, the judge did not believe her and gave her a two-year prison sentence, with the chance of two years of probation upon release.

He ordered the removal and euthanasia of her dogs, as they are classified as “contraband” in the case.