Donald J. Trump is the current commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States since January 20, 2017. He is the 45th individual to hold the most prominent political position in the world. Prior to running for the office, he was a successful businessman with assets in multiple locations including the Trump Tower in New York City. During his career as a businessman, he got along well with politicians from both the left and right wings, but now he seems to be in a tough position. His campaign was termed as quite aggressive by few experts because of his hard stance on immigration as well as few communities. He has also been very vocal about waging a nuclear war against the North Korean empire; he expressed his viewpoints on social media for the head of the government of North Korea. To everyone’s surprise, both North and South Korean government officials came forward and welcomed peace rather than hatred between the two nations which were just one before the Korean war. There have been so many different types of speculations if President Trump had any role in bringing the two belligerent nations towards a peaceful settlement. To many, it seems a mystery. But does Trump deserves the most prestigious peace award, the Nobel Peace Prize? Let us try and understand that.

For someone to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he or she should have had a proven record in bringing world peace among different nations. Since a personal application is not considered a valid nomination, it shall be within specified categories like submission by the Members of The International Court of Justice, ex Nobel Peace Prize laureates, Members of national governments as well as current and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee among others. Has Trump been an advocate of world peace would raise eyebrows for a lot of individuals since he ordered attacks on Syrian forces in the recent past? Also, his tough statements on social media could also be a hindrance for his nomination, if ever that happens. After the peace agreement between North and South Korean governments, it was quite surprising to see some of the prominent members of the Left wing of the U.S. political system have also made speculations that the President might end up being a recipient of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. But when the question was asked to Mr. President if he deserves the prize, he unequivocally stated that everyone around him believes that he deserves one. He also stated that he is more inclined towards achieving peace victories across the globe which would be his biggest award and that’s what he is interested in. Whether he was diplomatic or if he really meant it is something very subjective to every single individual.

Even in the past, there have been so many talks revolving the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Some of the world famous leaders have been conferred with the award, but there have been equal, if not more, amount of people who felt it otherwise. Whether Trump would be nominated for the prize just for his because the two Koreas came together is a question which is yet to be answered. But even if he gets to that stage, will he take it away from everyone else? Or would it go to someone who has worked all his or her life to make this planet a better and peaceful place, is yet to be found?