A sad twist was added to America’s Got Talent auditions recently when three siblings sang a song to commemorate their mother who had died of cancer about two years ago. Despite the fact that the tune was rock (which is usually enhanced with a variety of instruments that give off an electric vibe), the trio brought the crowd and judges to tears.

The band was finished, and the youngest sibling, Manny, aged twenty-one, took the stage to lead them in their original song. Bethany assisted him as a backup singer at the age of twenty-four. Joshua was the oldest at age 27, and he played guitars as well as drums. They wrote the song for their mother together and did an excellent job.

Their father had previously been in a sibling group when he was younger. Their late mother, who was a talented singer, had previously performed with their father before she became ill with cancer. The three siblings and their sister decided to start their own band after years of private lessons in music. However, this occurred after many years of study at a music conservatory.

The band (which was dubbed We Three) arranged their instruments and sat down. Simon requested they tell him who they were. They also recognized someone in the crowd who was a part of their family, giving all of their support possible. Their father was in the wings, where he was observed by Tyra Banks, the show’s host.

The song started with Joshua playing piano keys, and Manny began singing. Everyone sat still and focused on catching every word in order to let it sink in. His sister entered into the third verse, and their voices blended nicely to a rather melancholy sound.

The two men sang with their souls fully exposed, and it was clear to see on their faces. The audience responded to the sad start with a low murmur, and their father appeared on the verge of tears. Tyra put her palms on his shoulders for him, as if to suggest that this would be a very moving performance.

As Manny recited his mother’s message to him and his siblings, the guitars started to play. The judges were visibly shaken, and Mel B could not contain her tears. Behind the scenes, Tyra and their father were also caught up in a tearful moment. The audience was also unusually quiet, with no loud cheers to be heard.

When Manny sang, ‘…Heaven isn’t too far away… I know one day you’ll come,’ more people were observed wiping their eyes. When their mother passed away, everyone in the audience could relate to at least a portion of the agony that the family had endured. Joshua drummed with just as much passion as his sister played the guitar.

The trio’s performance, on the other hand, communicated a variety of emotions. Manny and his sister Bethany had incredible voices. Their mastery of the instruments enhanced their performance considerably, as did Joshua’s fantastic piano abilities. The music and their voices blended wonderfully to form a magnificent mix of talent.

The two were incredibly happy to see their families again. After the performance, they all got up to offer them a standing ovation. When Mel B rose to clap for the siblings, she took a deep breath and wiped away her tears. Their father in the wings was overjoyed with their achievements. He was undoubtedly extremely proud of his children.