When we think about marriage, we usually imagine a bond between two people. In most cases, if either spouse asks to date someone else or proposes to marry another person, this is typically viewed as a reason for separation or counseling. However, the Davis family does not abide by such conventions!

Fifteen years ago, Nick Davis encountered his future wife April. Although their marriage was initially blissful, it wasn’t long before turbulence started to stir in the relationship.

Nine years after their romantic connection began, April introduced Nick to Jennifer, who was only 19 during that fateful moment. April said, “It just became evident to me that she was a great person, there was a lot of high intellect in that big brain of hers and I knew that Nick would find her attractive.”

It may appear odd to introduce your partner to a younger and more attractive individual, but that is what April did. Nick and Jennifer had an instant connection with each other which eventually led them down the aisle; however, this affair was far from over for April. Though Jennifer became his second spouse, she has not broken her marriage bond with Nick yet.

On the show “Seeking Sister Wife,” April, Jennifer and Nick demonstrated how their unique relationship functions in regards to sex (the other wife sleeps alone) and finances. Due to his wives going off to work while he stays home, they have labeled Nick as a “trophy husband” who is absolutely content with this arrangement.

To gain a firsthand glimpse of their extraordinary lifestyle, watch the video below.

As the title implies, Nick, April, and Jennifer’s mission in “Seeking Sister Wife” was to locate a third wife who would join their family. As April said, “Nick’s a lot to handle. Let’s just say that… in a lot of ways. Nick is a lot to handle in the bed.” She continued, “Nick’s a lot to handle in general with his personality. It’s nice to be able to have helping hands.”

Tune in to the video below to witness April and Jennifer’s surprise when Nick comes back home following his first solo date with a gal named Danielle!

Nick ultimately wedded Danielle, making her his third spouse. April and Jennifer both remain as part of the Davis family in addition to Danielle, and nobody could be happier with this outcome – even though he has three wives yet no job.

Danielle stated, “I honestly didn’t ever think I could be this happy.”

With the addition of Jennifer, not only did the Davis family expand by one more wife but also grew even further with a newborn baby girl. Vera was born and blessed this household with joy and love.