As customers savored a delightful afternoon at El Patron Mexican Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey, an unexpected scene unfolded before their eyes. A surveillance camera caught the glimpse of a fourteen-year-old girl entering with a newborn baby swaddled tightly in her arms and searching for someone specific. She eventually locked eyes with Frankie, the manager – her gaze emitted desperation as she silently pleaded to him for help.

Frankie discerned exactly what the teenage girl was thinking; her desperation was palpable. With her mournful gaze, she implored Frankie and all those who could potentially lend assistance to assist in caring for the newborn babe that had just entered into the world. Yes, the newborn baby was birthed by a fourteen-year-old girl.

Alease Scott, a preschool educator and mother herself, was the lone Good Samaritan at the restaurant that day; instead of staying seated to finish her meal, she stood up to intervene. She realized this young teen needed help and brought her baby along as well. With a first-aid certification in hand, she walked over and asked if it would be all right for her to check on their newborn’s vitals – just make sure everything was as it should be with such an important new life in tow.

The security cameras at El Patron Mexican Restaurant in Jersey City documented a heartbreaking scene: After the young girl trustingly gave the baby to Scott, she stepped away and quickly exited the restaurant.

Scott played a crucial role in obtaining the necessary care for the vulnerable newborn baby, and 6ABC Philadelphia’s coverage of this story spurred thousands of uplifting comments from viewers. Here are some examples:

“This situation makes me think she didn’t tell anyone or know she was pregnant and gave birth by herself. I pray someone has helped that poor child.”

“It amazes me how a 14-year-old made such an important decision to keep her baby safe. I’m fourteen, and I can’t even imagine what she went through!”

“Sometimes the most noble thing a mother can do is give up her baby when she knows she isn’t equipped to take care of them. I’m glad she sought help, and the baby is fine.”

A single viewer expressed that the teenage mother deserved more help than she was given.

“Use of the word “abandoned” made the 14-year-old seem insensitive and thoughtless when in truth, no fourteen-year-old should be expected to take care of a baby or even be having one. As a journalist myself, we generally describe child abandonment as a parent, guardian, or person in charge of a child deserting said child with no regard for the child’s safety and/or welfare. That girl gave up the baby, probably knowing he/she would be safer with a stranger than wherever she was headed back to. That’s not child abandonment. She likely saved the baby from having a similar or worse life than she did.”