If you’re seeking a dream home with beautiful views of the ocean and four acres of beachfront land, look no further than this stunning estate in Southampton, NY. Though it’s been on the market for six years already, its current price tag – $150 million – might be keeping buyers away. But don’t let that deter you from taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity to own a piece of paradise!

The stunning beachfront property, aptly named La Dune due to its location adjacent to exquisite sand dunes, is owned by the renowned Canadian magazine publisher and art collector Louise Blouin. At sixty-three years of age, Ms. Blouin has unsuccessfully been attempting to offload her home for the past six years – however, if it sells at its listed price point it will break all previous records in this exclusive summer retreat near New York City!

Despite being listed for sale since 2016, the opulent La Dune residence in Southampton has had no takers. Because of this, Mr. Blouin has been obliged to rent out his stunning abode at a staggering $1.2 million per month! The home was initially put up on the market for $145 million and subsequently again in 2019 with an asking price of $110 million, yet unfortunately, neither time did anyone come forward with an offer to purchase it.

After Blouin’s name surfaced in the Panama Papers, a substantial exposé on some of the wealthiest people stashing their money and possessions away offshore, she removed La Dune from sale. Instead, it was made available to rent for $1 million per month; however, since 2016 this rate has risen to an eye-watering sum of $1.2 million each month during summer months such as June through August.

It’s estimated that the annual property taxes would be approximately $130,000. That is a hefty sum to spare for taxation alone; especially when factoring in additional costs such as mortgage payments and insurance coverage which can exceed expectations due to its coastal location – this beachfront estate may potentially become subject to powerful windstorms rolling down from the Caribbean.

This magnificent beachfront property features two blissful dwellings, separated by lushly manicured lawns. Plus, you’ll find a pair of breathtaking pools on its four acres to cool off in the hot summer months! Not only that – an all-weather tennis court and security gates are also included to make sure your paradise remains secluded from prying eyes.

Blouin is looking to offload the home because she and her family don’t take full advantage of it in spite of its hefty price tag. Though they used to frequent Long Island, these days most of their time is spent across the Atlantic with each other. Consequently, there is no longer a need for this residence.

Boasting a rich history of over 120 years, the main house on this property was constructed in 1897. The guest house was added more recently in 2002.