Alexandra Eckersley – daughter of MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley and adopted by him – was charged with reckless conduct after police located her newborn baby exposed to frigid 18-degree temperatures in a dark wooded area. The parents exercised such negligence that the little one’s health and safety were put at risk.

At nearly 1 a.m., Manchester police were notified of the astonishing news that an expectant mother, Alexandra (26), had delivered her newborn baby in a tent located near West Side Arena; however, when officers arrived at the scene she falsely declared to them that she had experienced challenges before reaching the hospital.

Following an extensive search, law enforcement found a baby lying on the ground unattended and having difficulty breathing in a nearby tent close to Electric Street at the Piscataquag River. The Manchester Fire Department then took immediate action to transport the infant for necessary medical attention at Catholic Medical Center where their current health status is improving drastically.

Alexandra will be presented in Hillsboro Superior Court-North according to the Manchester Police Department. Furthermore, she was charged with endangering a young life as well.

According to Manchester Fire Chief David Flurey, Alexandra was identified as the daughter of Eckersley.

Spanning an incredible 24 seasons from 1975 to 1998, Dennis Eckersley enjoyed a remarkable career as he pitched for the Indians, Red Sox, Cubs, Athletics, and Cardinals. During his illustrious tenure in Major League Baseball (MLB), he picked up six All-Star nods and was recognized with both the AL MVP award and AL Cy Young Award in 1992. In 1988 he had been designated ALCS MVP before going on to secure World Series glory with Oakland’s Athletics in 1989!

In 2004, Eckersley was given the prestigious honor of being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

After a remarkable 19-year broadcast tenure with the Red Sox, in October Eckersley stepped down from his broadcaster role at NESN.

According to the Boston Globe, Eckersley wanted to return to his home in California after the season concluded so that he could spend quality time with his grandchildren.