If you’re looking to try a unique and tasty new food trend, then look no further than the delectable combination of Coca-Cola and peanuts. With origins in the southern United States, this delicious treat is recommended by food experts at Delish and Esquire for those who want something different. To make it yourself, fill a cup with your favorite Coke beverage before adding half a bag of salted peanuts – the result will be sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Allow the peanuts to steep in the Coke for a few minutes and you’ll have an exquisite amalgam of sweet and salty flavors, plus a delectable nibble at the bottom!

The National Peanut Federation reveals that the trend of combining Coca-Cola and peanuts first began in the 1920s when laborers with unclean hands would instead put peanuts into their Coke. This tradition remains popular among Southerners; however, it is not as widely known elsewhere. While this snack may have an appetizing flavor to many people, those who try Diet Coke with peanuts often report a distasteful taste.

This could be due to the presence of artificial sweeteners in Diet Coke, which create a discordant flavor with salted peanuts.

This popular food trend has been all the talk on social media, as people get creative with their presentations. From aesthetically pleasing glasses to offering a taste to beloved pets – this southern delicacy is delighting everyone! It appears that it truly is irresistible.

11Alive news reporters had to express their surprise upon discovering the odd combination of Coca-Cola and peanuts, which has now become a popular food trend. “I’ve lived in the south my whole life, this was not a thing,” one of the reporters said. Initially hesitant, the reporters gave the drink a try and were surprised to discover that it actually tasted just like an ordinary Coke.

If you’re open to experiencing something new, consider this classic southern combination of peanuts and Coca-Cola – an unlikely pairing that has been cherished in the south for decades. The sweet and savory taste is sure to be a hit if you enjoy trying unique flavor blends. Notably, though, Diet Coke should not be used since it does not seem to blend well with peanuts.

Spread the word about this emerging food trend to your social circle! Who knows, you might just give them a tasty surprise they won’t forget.