While many adopted children crave to search for their biological parents, Lisa Wright felt no such inclination. Her adoptive family filled her life with love and care which she valued more than the identity of her birth parents. That said, there was one thing that always made her feel out of place – not looking like anyone else in the family.

When Wright was in her fifties, she tragically lost both of her parents. Even as an adult, this left her feeling orphaned – that is until Nick suggested a DNA test to uncover the origins of their family lineage. It wasn’t about discovering who exactly fathered and mothered Wright but rather learning more about where they came from historically.

Wright was hesitant to reach out to her biological uncle, but after making contact with him he embraced her as his “favorite niece” and provided the name of Wright’s birth mother. To her amazement, when she googled this individual – it turned out that Lynne Moody, a famous actress in Hollywood was Wright’s real mom!

Growing up in the 70s, Wright had no idea that her favorite sitcom “That’s My Mama” actually featured her birth mother – Moody. As a star of the show playing Tracy Curtis Taylor, she has gone on to become an acclaimed actress with appearances in television series such as “Roots”, “E/R” and “Knots Landing”.

On the “Tamron Hall Show,” Wright and Moody were reunited, with Moody revealing the story of when she was only 18 years old and had a one-night stand that resulted in pregnancy. Her parents sent her away to an unwed mother’s home, not even allowing her to see her newborn daughter at the hospital as they feared it would make it harder for this young mother to give up her baby for adoption.

Moody constantly felt “guilt” for giving her daughter up all those years ago. However, she was finally able to accept the circumstances and set aside any remorse after being reunited with her daughter again.

Uncover Wright and Moody’s romantic journey for yourself by watching the video below. Listen to their testimonies of when they first encountered one another – you won’t be disappointed!