You’ve probably seen celebrities dancing their hearts out on the hit show “Dancing with the Stars,” but have you ever seen three horses dancing? Well, get ready! Recently, Frederic Pignon, a horse-trainer from France taught three horses an amazing routine that left the audience completely stunned.

At the start of the video, Pignon appears in a flowing robe that makes him look like some kind of wizard or a magician. He begins to lead a single, beautiful black stallion around the ring. Then another horse comes out, and later, a third.

Pignon nimbly leads them in intertwining circles, quick turns, and over jumps while the live orchestra plays a beautiful classical song. At no point does Pignon look like he’s got less than complete control over these magnificent creatures, deftly directing their every move, aided only by a small pointer. Seriously, this guy puts the horse whisperer to shame!

We were curious about the horses with their gorgeous manes and tails, so we did some research. It turns out that these three dancing beauties are Friesian horses, a breed that originated in Northern Europe. They were originally bred for riding long distances.

While these horses are well-known for their strength, beauty, and grace, we have to admit, we never expected to see them perform moves this coordinated and choreographed! I wish I had these kind of skills when it comes to training animals–honestly, I’m still having a hard time teaching my dog to roll over and play dead.