Gary Sinise is famous to most for his brilliant work on both the small and big screens, but Sinise also has some more fulfilling work that, over the years, has touched millions of American veterans. For his tremendous effort to support the men and women in uniform, Sinise was recently honored with a Patriot Award by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society at a ceremony held at the Ronald Reagan Library in Semi Valley, California.

This Patriot Award and it is the highest honor awarded by the prestigious Congressional Medal of Honor Society, which recognizes and honors individuals who have made notable contributions towards the betterment of the quality of life of the servicewomen and men. The American Forces Network (AFN) congratulated him on earning the Patriot Award and the decades of work that he had put in helping service members, first responders, veterans, their families, and the needy. This charitable side of Sinise’s life where he seeks to improve the lives of veteran men and women and their families is one that many of his fans in the acting scene may not be aware of. Many remember Sinise for his role in the “Forrest Gump” iconic movie where he played “Lieutenant Dan.” However, for years, Sinise has been one of the most devoted and loyal advocates for veterans in Hollywood.

In the year 2010, Sinise established the Gary Sinise Foundation in a quest to help improve the lives of men and women in the military. He also has a Lt. Dan Band, a band that tours special military family events. Last December of 2018, Sinise organized a memorable 5-day Vacation for over 1,700 military family members whose loved ones were fallen heroes to Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. This vacation was just before Christmas through his Gary Sinise Foundation Snowball Express, and 2018 was the first time for the foundation to organize a holiday like this to Disney World, which also marked the 9th anniversary since the establishment of the Gary Sinise Foundation. PST/EST Entertainment Tonight aired an exclusive coverage as the Gold Star and Gary Sinise Foundation families made their way to Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, from airports across the country to this Most Magical Place on Earth. In his statement, Sinise said that every one of the families at the resort was dealing with the grief and the loss of their loved ones, be it a mom or a dad, who died while in military service. Since all these kids were undergoing the same thing, Sinise felt that having all of them at the same place in Walt Disney World would have healing power on most of them.

Through his foundation, Gary Sinise has also been working on another project for the wounded veterans. This project entails adopting smart homes that are 100% mortgage-free for these veterans. It aims to ease the daily challenges that they face and those faced by their families who make sacrifices alongside them. It is clear that Sinise Gary has done so much more than just earn an award, but there is a feeling that his reward mainly comes from the service that he offers the men and women who keep us safe. We congratulate Gary Sinise on a job well done.