A lot of the child stars of the 80’s & 90’s tend to fade into obscurity when they get to a certain age but sometimes they have a good reason for dropping off the map. Such is the case for Leelee Sobieski but not a lot of people know how she was able to get her start in Hollywood in the first place. She was born Liliane Rudabet Floria Elsvea Sobieski but had to shorten it if she wanted to make a career for herself in the film industry. She got her first big break when she got a role in a TV movie called reunion at the ripe old age of 11. Before long, she was working with the likes of Tim Allen & Tom Cruise as her new career began to take off and all before she had reached the age of 16. She had a lot of hits over the years but it was not long before she had dropped off the radar in favor of a life of solitude. So what is the catalyst behind this decision to fade away from the public eye?

Well, she was still doing some films in the mid-2000’s so it was more of a gradual turn for her but she soon stopped when she got accepted to college at Brown. When she first got to campus, she did not know what she wanted to study but that all changed when she discovered her affinity for the world of fine art & lit. In the end, she did not go on to graduate but was still able to make a life for herself in the aftermath of her new career. Soon after, she met Matt Davis & was married to him for a few years. She did go on to divorce him in 2009 but her life as a single woman did not last long. A year later, she married Adam Kimmel who worked as a designer. They went on to have 2 kids & this is why she was not able to accept film roles for the longest time. In a recent interview, she was the first to admit that being a mom is one of the things that precluded her from acting.

Of course, she has said that she does not mind it & knows that being a mom is one of the most important things you can do with your life. But as soon as the kids are grown & out of the house, she does hope to get back to her acting career at some point. She even admitted that at this point in her life, she does see herself as an outsider in Hollywood but is just happy to be raising a family. In addition to this, she has been doing some art to keep herself busy. She likes to paint & sculpt & is even using the google tilt brush to do some art in VR. One of the methods she likes to use is to paint with bright colors & create some sort of abstract work to get people to think a lot about her work & what it means. As she looks to the future, she says she would consider getting back into acting but only if the right role came along.