Khyler Edman lost his life during a disastrous home invasion in hopes of saving his five-year-old sister. A home in Port Charlotte, Florida had appeared to be raided by a burglar by the name of Ryan Clayton Cole. Cole was in the process of his second burglary when his capture was taken place. Cole had a considerable amount of injuries that had led police to believe he endured during the first invasion including Khyler Edman. As cops approached Cole, soon following they found the lifeless body of Khyler Edman and his younger sister, who miraculously had not been harmed during the event.

Cole was said to have broken into the residence using forced entry on a doorway where he found himself in an encounter with Edman. This encounter had gotten quite violent as Edman, a young boy, found himself trying to do the righteous thing and protect his household including his younger sister. Although, there was much attempt from Edman. the limited defense he had against an older man, ended up costing Edman his life that night. The capture was led by police being notified of an injured man fleeing the neighborhood at about four in the afternoon on a Thursday. Shortly after further investigation, police soon discovered that the injured burglar to be also a murderer. Once arriving at the scene, police found Edman’s lifeless body along with his younger sister. Edman’s body appeared to look like he had not gone with a fight, however, Cole had indeed gotten the upper hand in the situation and ended his life just as quickly as he had fled. Despite Edman attempting to protect his surroundings, the fearsome young boy did not compare to the releasing of a bullet.

Charlotte County Sheriff, Bill Prummell spoke on the incident, believing Kyhlar Edman to be a remarkable young hero. A teenage hero, who was just trying to protect the home and in efforts to do so, risked his life to save his younger sister from an unknown burglar. On the upper hand, Sheriff Prummel was amazed by the young boy because although the situation turned into a tragedy, Edman had in fact succeeded in saving his sister who was ten years younger. The younger sister was in fact untouched during the whole event. The sheriff’s office had confirmed the lifeless body to be of Kyhlar Edman that following Monday. Although not all details were gathered, police asked that the community and multi-media allow privacy for the family as they undergo the grieving process. While the family has asked for privacy, detectives are still majorly involved in the investigation to be able to put Cole behind bars for the dismay of events that had occurred.