Kathy Griffin, a worldwide known comedian, stirred up a bit of controversy on Twitter with her recent tweet about the former president. Her tweet has gotten so much attention that her name started trending a few hours after she made the post about the former president which proclaimed that he should use a syringe filled with air to inject himself. What makes this comment, especially controversial is that by injecting a syringe with air into your blood vessels it can lead to a condition known as venous and arterial air embolism. Said in simpler terms, the air bubbles from the syringe once in the artery, will eventually travel to the lungs, brain or heart and directly trigger a stroke, heart attack or respiratory failure.

Her tweet was made in direct response to a tweet Jim Acosta made, with a quote surrounding the former president’s comment at a diabetes event. The White House hosted a diabetes event, as to which they spoke about the circumstance surrounding diabetes treatment and prevention. During the event, Trump proclaimed that he did not use insulin and asked if he should be using it himself. CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, made a tweet quoting what the former president said. It is believed that this is what got Griffin angry as to why she responded with a tweet showing her disdain for the former president. Her tweet itself got over 2,000 comments in less than 8 hours, some of which were both good and bad. For instance, several dozen users proclaimed that her tweet should be considered a threat and as a result of such, the Secret Service should investigate. On the other hand, many users have praised her for making her remarks due to the former president’s uncaring attitude towards the diabetes wellness event the White House was supposed to be hosting.

In addition to that, later on in the day, Griffin posted another tweet which showed that Trump’s own tweet about the mail in ballots leading to fraud, was labeled by Twitter as being misleading information. In response to this, Trump released an additional tweet that proclaimed he was being silenced by Twitter for no good reason and that his firs amendment right to free speech was being snuffed out. Going tit-for-tat Griffin responded by declaring that she feels pretty superior to become aware that she’s more knowledgeable about first amendment rights than the former president. This was in response to another tweet trump made about being silenced by twitter. Experts believe she made this comment because even though you are entitled to your first amendment rights in a public setting, online platforms are private entities as to which you are not entitled your first amendment right to free speech.

This isn’t Griffin’s first run in with the former president. Back in 2017, she made international headlines by tweeting a photo which appeared to show the former president’s decapitated head. When asked about the 2017 post, she proclaimed that the Department of Justice and Secret Service investigated her and subsequently added her to the International Terrorist No Fly List, which essentially means she is currently barred from using a commercial aircraft to travel from, within or out of the United States. Even though Griffin apologized for taking her 2017 post a little bit too far, she has repeatedly defended herself about the recent comments she has made about the former president.