Amazon is the largest online retailer in the entire world. It is used by a large percentage of the entire population and is one of the best ways to get the majority of things you use delivered straight to your door for free. Amazon offers almost everything you need from foods to clothing to gifts and more. They are the ideal solution for quick and reliable service with free shipping. Recently, Amazon has expanded their goods to actually include homes. That’s right! Amazon is breaking into the real estate market and giving customers access to homes. Today, people are actually using Amazon to find and buy their dream homes. This is creating a new alternative to the real estate market and giving people a chance to own a home on virtually every budget imaginable.

While the homes that Amazon list on their website is not actually a house on a piece of land, they are still homes or tiny houses that can either be assembled on wheels and delivered to your door or offered as a kit. The kit ships all of the necessary parts to your desired location and allows you to build your own home. This helps people all over the world have increased flexibility and convenience when looking for a house to buy. There are a couple of different companies that have partnered with Amazon to give customers access to homes. Allwood Industrials is one of the largest retailers on Amazon that offer homes. This manufacturer sells all of the materials and blueprints that you would need to make your very own home. This company offers materials and plans from Scandinavia and the Baltic area to people all over the world. While this company does not recommend living in their structures as a full-time house, they have said that they make great additions to your full-time home. Some of the most popular ideas for these tiny homes are a guest house, retail location, gym, and more. There are numerous plans and ideas that this company offers and each one is designed to meet a specific budget. The best part is, you get free shipping from Amazon. This can significantly cut down on your overall costs and help you stay on your budget.

The idea of purchasing a home or additional living space off of the internet may seem a little crazy to most people, but in reality, this is not a new idea at all. Since the early 1900’s people have been picking out their homes from a catalog. For instance, Sears used to sell people’s homes from a catalog. People would browse the options and select the home that they wanted. They could customize the design features and select upgrades as they wanted. Today, Amazon is taking a whole new approach to this old-school idea. Amazon is reinventing the way that people can buy a home and offering something new. Since the real estate market is currently booming and many qualified homeowners are having trouble finding a home, this may be the alternative that society needs to ensure that everyone has a home to live in. While they may not be ideal for a single-family or multi-family to live in year-round, they do offer a wonderful alternative to costly home renovations.