In the line of duty, officers face many challenges. These challenges include: saving lives, traffic stops to help with public safety, handling thieves, and much more. When serving the public a traffic stop is pretty common. Many people speed and end up with tickets from doing so, thus leading to paying fines. A man was recently stopped for speeding and took it to a drastic level that ended in blood. Ashad Russell was minding his own business walking one day when he noticed something very alarming. He was on Interstate 75 when he noticed a sheriff’s vehicle pulled over with a deputy lying on the ground being attacked by a man. Dean Bardes who is the Lee County’s First Class Sheriff’s Deputy was being punched repeatedly while pinned on the ground. The attacker was Strother a 53-year-old man. Deputy Barbes had pulled over Strother for speeding. This had Strother very upset and took matters into a violent rage thus attacking the deputy. Ashad Russell carries a gun as he has a concealed carry license. He stepped out towards the deputy and attacker to help, with his gun at his side. Deputy Barbes noticed Russell and the gun at his side. He quickly told Russell to shoot Strother. Russell told Strother to get off the deputy repeatedly with no success. This led Russell to shoot Strother in the neck three times. Strother was shortly pronounced dead.

The Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott later posted on Facebook showing Ashad Russell praise and gratitude for what he had done. He was very thankful that Ashad Russell was able to stop the threat from progressing. He mentioned that both men were of color and stated that every life matters no matter the color or occupation. Although life was lost, another one was saved and a man is known as a local hero.

The State Attorney’s office review Ashad Russel’s case to determine if he would be charged for murder. Upon their review, they saw fit to clear Ashad Russell from his crime. They made the determination that the use of deadly force was justified. The State of Attorney’s Office saw that the attacker could have caused great bodily harm or brought death upon the deputy. Ashad Russell had prevented this by shooting the attacker with the deputy’s commands. The State of Attorney’s Office closed the case and stated they would not be taking any further action. They stated the evidence that was provided through the investigation was sufficient enough to come to this determination. The brother of the attacker Strother spoke with the Washington Post and stated confusion as Ashad Russell was being called a good Samaritan. He questioned if he had been armed as well.