If you are looking for a quick piece of entertainment on the Internet, checking out a hidden picture is the way to go. Hidden pictures can let you escape daily stress for a moment.

The latest hidden picture to become popular on the Internet involves a collection of octopuses. In the picture, there are over fifty octopuses biding their time underwater. The goal of the hidden picture is to try and locate a fish hidden somewhere in the collection of octopuses.

At first, you might think this hidden picture task is easy. However, many people are rapidly discovering it takes some time to do! While you attempt to conquer this hidden picture problem, keep in mind there are plenty of real unsolved problems in the world.

Some of these problems are in mathematics. For example, in 2000, The Clay Mathematics institute announced the creation of the Millennium Prize Problems. This program consists of seven seemingly unsolvable math problems.

If you can provide an answer to one of the problems, you get a million dollars. So far, only one problem has been solved. That means there are still six more to go. After you finish finding the fish in the hidden picture, you can try one of those!

Did you find that fish yet? If you are struggling, you can look in the center of the picture, towards the upper left corner. You’ll see a single eye peeking out behind an octopus. Did you find it? Let us know below!