Whenever one describes Rachallday, the first tag that would probably come to mind is Instragram model. However, this is just one part of Rachallday. She’s also an avid gamer, a creative trendsetter, a focused entrepreneur, a social media guru and so much more. Contrary to her public life on Instragram and other social media platforms, there is nothing Rachallday appreciates more than warmly cuddling at the comfort of her home and actively gaming the whole day. She would rather play Pokeman and be shocked by Pikachu or Grand Theft Auto V stream.

There is evidence of the added advantage of online gaming including reducing stress, relaxing the mind, improving clarity and even decision-making skills. For Rachallday, her gaming has immensely made her laser focused. For her, gaming is not just about winning, it’s about connecting with others, an opportunity to be herself and just be and a chance at fully immersing herself into something she loves.

Rachallday proudly refers to herself as a nerd, even proudly bearing it in her company’s name. Whereas the word is often used in a derogative manner to refer to highly introverted and intelligent people often lacking social skills, she has proudly embraced her smart and focused style thus bringing a level of sophistication and beauty to the geek name. Rachallday is just establishing herself as a queen in the gaming world. Her meteoritic rise as a major force in the multi billion gaming industry can be attributed to her genuine passion for gaming and her huge following across different social media platforms including Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Patreon and Tik Tok. The gaming world has been growing rapidly over time with different influencers and gamers driving uptake. In the current top gamers, men are disproportionately more than women and that’s why Rachallday and other female gamers venturing into the male dominated world have a steeper climb.

As an entrepreneur, Rachallday is synonymous with Sweatynerdco. The birth of the company is definitely an interesting story that demonstrates just how creative minds can monetize their passions and hobbies. Starting Sweatynerdco was definitely not part of the plan. However, when in a photoshoot with her now friend Pat, the idea of making fun, comfortable, nerdy apparel was born. Sweatynerdco targets gamers and builds a sense of community. Their tagline of just get sweaty is a call to action to gamers to immerse themselves in the game, whether for fun with friends or competitively. The company has apparel and merchandise for men and women and unisex ones as well.

Some of their merchandise include embroidered drip joggers, unisex joggers, dad hats, tee shirts, drip hoodies, crop hoodies, drop sweatshirts and accessories such as glasses, mugs, glasses stickers and drip stickers. Rachallday, however, doesn’t seem to be sitting on her laurels yet. She is actively pursuing interesting and innovative opportunities to make her stand out more. Her live video streams are an opportunity for her to bond with her fans and create good content on gaming, fashion and life.