Who is Hope Beel?In our modern social media era, we often hear about certain names a lot because many names float through our consciousness nowadays, by either screen or word of mouth. However, Hope Beel is on her way to becoming one of the more popular fitness models and Instagram influencers on the planet. Beel, a Dallas Texas native, currently has an Instagram following of 1.4 million.

She is positioning herself to be a force in the fitness industry She is all about fitness, showcasing multiple channels that display her workout videos, nutritional tips and recipes, and personal training sessions. She has a desire to help people with unique body types find what makes their bodies work by showing them her own journey to physical fitness.

Instagram influencer

Hope Beel has done very well for herself on Instagram, accumulating over 1.4 million followers since she first started posting in 2013.She has done this by establishing a formidable internet presence on Instagram with three channels, some of which include workout videos, professional photographs of herself, inspirational quotes and insights into her life. With over 1,500 posts made over seven years, Hope Beel has built her Instagram empire brick by brick and is now reaping the benefits. Her other channels include clips and photographs of her workouts and pictures of her two cats, Cowboy & Romo

Her Instagram page is organized to give lots of information. She enjoys giving people information and advice by showing them what she does in her life. By speaking on, for instance, her experiences in quarantine, she hopes to be an inspiration for others so they can learn from her experience.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness is a very important part of Hope Beel’s life. When she first moved to Dallas, she was in college. College food has the reputation of being very unhealthy. She mostly ate snacks, processed foods and fast foods. As she ate these foods, she started to feel terribly. It was when she met Justin, a personal fitness trainer by trade, she started to get into fitness because of his inspiration. By training together, they developed a strong bond which eventually culminated into marriage. As her body transformed and her health improved, she got stronger and was inspired to teach others how to feel the way she felt. She does this by offering 30 minute and 45 minute one on one workout training sessions, whenever the time is convenient for the person who needs the training.


By becoming an Instagram influencer with over a million followers, the gaining of such influence allowed Hope Beel to find opportunities to market for different companies as well as herself. She’s currently a Bang Energy spokesmodel, and she also markets various skincare lines and makeup brands on her IG page. Her personal website is where she features her one on one personal training sessions, and her “ 4 Week Booty Challenge” program.

Personal Life

Hope currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband Justin, who she has an 8 year relationship with. She loves traveling, working out, and spending time with her husband and two cats.