When an armed robber attempted to rob a family-owned food truck in Texas, he didn’t anticipate the brave and resourceful response of one grandmother. She pulled out her pistol and was able to turn the tables on him – eventually shooting him dead when his gun misfired.

On Tuesday afternoon, Keshondra Howard Turner, the 53-year-old proprietor of Elite Eats and Cold Treats food truck located in a Houston parking lot was preparing soul food when a 23-year-old man pulled up beside her. According to KHOU 11 TV, this occurred around 1 p.m.

At the station, Houston police Lt. Bryan Bui reported that when Turner presented the man with what was on the menu, he quickly drew a gun and demanded money before fleeing in his pickup truck.

Turner hastily closed the food truck’s window, yet the potential robber stubbornly forced it open and thrust his weapon inside in a desperate attempt to shoot her.

Yet, the gun had jammed and Turner – who was properly licensed to carry a handgun – quickly drew her own firearm and fired multiple shots at the man. According to KHOU news station, this action saved her life that day.

The man stumbled away and eventually fell fifty feet from the truck, where officers discovered him lifeless.

Following the traumatic event, Turner endured a panic attack which necessitated his transport to a local hospital for medical care.

After a thorough investigation, law enforcement officials determined that the event was an act of self-defense.

ABC13 Houston reported that no filed against Turner, yet officials have collected evidence that will be presented to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Derick Howard, Turner’s son, credited divine intervention for miraculously saving his mother.

“She’s a Godly woman, that’s why the gun jammed — because God jammed it,” he said.

Howard attested that his mother would never have resorted to firing a weapon unless she was out of every other option.

“My momma is a great person, you know? Good-hearted, looking out for everybody. She’d give the shirt off her back,” he stated.

On Tuesday, three years after Turner and her family began their soul food take-out business in the parking lot of South Main Street and Fondren Road in southwest Houston, they ran into unexpected trouble.