Just this month, a 10-year-old boy from Colorado was savagely attacked by a shark while on holiday in Mexico and is now hospitalized. His family expressed their shock at the incident.

On March 17, Dillon Armijo and his family were vacationing at a beach in Cancún when tragedy struck – he was viciously attacked by a shark; as reported to Denver7.

“We went to the beach and wanted to swim or jump in waves and then like, five minutes after that, like a shark just came into like, a wave and just bit my leg,” he recounted the horrifying experience.

Dillon was thankfully rescued from the water by a heroic lifeguard, his devoted mother, and his caring older brother, as reported by the outlet.

Following this, he was hospitalized in Mexico for four days before being airlifted to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora.

After various medical procedures, Dillon’s prognosis is a full recovery.

“We were very, very lucky that we were able to get a medevac back to the United States and get him here to do the last three surgeries,” his mom said.

“I think that was what has given him such a great outcome is being back here at home with some fantastic doctors.”

In the near future, Dillon will be released from hospital care and must begin a long-term physical therapy program to regain his ability to walk.

“[Dillon has] done fantastic, considering all that he’s been through,” the mom added.

The family has launched a GoFundMe in order to aid them with unforeseen medical costs.

Thursday morning, the campaign had raised over $17,800 and continues to climb closer to its goal of $20,000!

“It’s nice to know that there’s so many people here to help us out,” Abby said.

The glistening waters of Mexico’s picturesque coast should not fool you; this same coastline has seen a tragic event. Back in January, a diver was gruesomely decapitated by a great white shark off the Sonora coast on the west side.

Many experts theorized that the scuba diver, who was clothed in a wetsuit, could have been misconstrued as a seal.