On Saturday night, a devastating accident occurred in Berrien County, Michigan wherein a vehicle full of five children from the same family was driven home by their 17-year-old relative following an outing to the mall. The tragedy left all involved deeply shaken and heartbroken.

As reported by authorities, the driver was driving eastbound on Snow Road when their car suddenly went off-course and into a nearby ditch. The vehicle then collided with a tree before finally coming to an abrupt stop. Tragically, the collision was so powerful that all five children in the car—ranging from ages 2 to 13—were found dead upon impact.

The Berrien County Sheriff’s Department has identified the five victims of the accident as Cortney (13 years old), Bryson (11 years old), Arielle (9 years old), Makayla(8 years old), and Jaxson(2 years old). The driver, who remains anonymous at this point in time, was brought to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The accident left the community reeling, with many voicing their grief and shock over the untimely loss of multiple young lives. Generous donors have already contributed $50,000 to a GoFundMe page created for funeral costs, demonstrating an incredible outpouring of support from those touched by this tragedy.

As investigators analyze the crash, preliminary reports suggest that speed and poor road conditions were likely to blame. The motorist has been identified as having no proper licensure and may face charges in connection with this tragic incident.

The Berrien County Sheriff’s Department has issued a heartfelt and somber message to the grieving family of the crash victim, while also encouraging any onlookers with knowledge about the incident to share their information. Furthermore, they remind drivers everywhere to operate cautiously on roads and highways; making sure that drivers are properly licensed and possess enough skill behind the wheel before jumping in a vehicle.

This heartbreaking event is a stark reminder of how essential it is to abide by safe driving procedures, as well as the need for new drivers to obtain proper training and supervision. The sorrowful passing away of five young individuals will be felt across this community indefinitely – our hearts are with their family during these trying times.