A 14-year-old teenage boy, who was at risk, lost control of himself and started exhibiting aggressive behavior after discovering that his mother was not his biological parent. He began burning animals alive and breaking into his school outside of normal hours. These destructive actions were linked to his recent knowledge of his family’s history.

However, the teenager became murderous and obtained a firearm with the intention of committing an irreversible act. He used the gun to fatally shoot all of his family members, as he had discovered that his entire life had been a deceit.

The teenager was charged with the murder of his non-biological mother and several children, including a 6-month-old boy, a 5-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old boy. Although it was a brutal killing, the court system could only sentence him to a juvenile detention facility for about a year since he was tried in juvenile court. Unfortunately, this means he will be released back into the public shortly after.

In Alabama, judges can only sentence teenagers to detention until they turn 21. However, if a prosecutor’s motion to try the teenager as an adult is approved by the judge, they can be tried as such. As this teenager went on a killing spree upon discovering the truth about his family, some may consider him a threat to society and he may be a candidate for being tried as an adult.

A teenager in Alabama murdered five members of his family at their home on Ridge Road in Elkmont, a small town in the north part of the state’s Limestone County. The unexpected killings have deeply disturbed the local community.

Daisy McCarty, the cousin of the murderer, observed that the teenager’s behavior had been odd ever since he found out that his mother was not his biological parent. He had discovered the truth about his birth parents a week before he killed his family.

After discovering the truth about his birth mother, he expressed his anger by harming animals. He then proceeded to vandalize his school and eventually committed mass murder, resulting in the gruesome deaths of five family members.

In addition to the previously mentioned children, the teenager also murdered his father, John Sisk, and stepmother, Mary Sisk. He had believed Mary was his biological mother until recently, as his birth mother had passed away in 2011 in Indiana. The court records indicate that in 2010, the teenager’s father was awarded full custody of him.

The teen admitted to committing the murders and is currently helping investigators in locating the 9mm handgun used in the crime. There is no information available about where the underage individual obtained the firearm.